Monday, January 1, 2018

Casual Comeback

Well, let's just say I was in a coma from Jan 2016 till Dec 2017. So, just awaken from the dead , this is a new me , ready for a fresh start in 2018.
Everything is gonna be new as me and hubby and kids are going on a journey to explore the world of learning without school. Let the world be our school as we enjoy our day to day activities with our two lovely bundle of joys. 
2 years of school was enough to make me understand that I am not passing any knowledge to D1. The whole year, he doesn’t understand a thing thought in class (well, coz it’s in BM). Then one month before finals, I teach him how to score points; how to answer the questions in the exam with the right keywords so that he will get the points. And I make him get all A’s for BM, BI, Maths n science. Just by teaching how to answer as per teachers marking scheme and A is confirmed.... I was like “what knowledge exactly I am giving D1? I did this my whole life - learning to score points by answering as per teachers marking scheme and after donkey years , we are still doing the same thing.
Ok, after 2 years, I realised, there’s no point in complaining about the system but I am not doing anything about it.... so me and Hubby decided , WE ARE NOT TREES to just sit there, so we are WALKING RIGHT OUT OF IT.....
This is what you get from bored kids... houses built from scratch .. own design.... random blocks ... no manuals, no sampes whatsover.... just pure creativity unleashed... the WORLD is our school ... let the kids explore it....WE ARE GOING TO LEARN A LOT FROM THE KIDS .

D1's house
D2's house

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas N Happy New Year

Yeahhh my last post for the year is about my meet up with my bffs.. Known them since uni days and we have been very close ever since..... We meet up whenever we get a chance... But now its even harder since 2 have migrated ....nevertheless,  We had so much of fun chatting, singing , dancing , in house-shopping n whatnot .... Thanks to our darling host Vaani.... Nalina missing here.... Missing u gals already.... 

Rathna on Skype

Monday, November 30, 2015

Kheeow Krabi (Green Krabi)

It's November... And time to fly for our long awaited holiday. This time it's Thailand and a beach holiday. So here we are on our way to Krabi.
As usual we take the AeroLiner from Premier hotel to KLIA2. Since they started this, it's been very easy for us.

Flight was fast, about an hour or so. Weather in Krabi was welcoming.
We prebooked a car with Sixty and they gave us a Yaris. 

Nice cute drive we had around town. We drove straight to Tesco Lotus as it was still too early to check In.
It was greenery all around Krabi.

After lunch, we checked in and rested a while. Our pool villa was exciting... We jumped in at every opportunity.

Late evening, we went to Krabi Night Market.

 You should try all the delicious food spread out here. There is a place to sit and eat but it's always packed.
Things here are reasonably cheap, beach wear, dresses, accessories etc. 

Next morning also we spent going around Krabi Town. Dropped by at Vogue mall, but nothing interesting. 
We walked around town and took some pictures

Afternoon was spent around Ao Nang beach and swimming in our pool. Late evening out to explore Krabi Night Market. 

Next day, we visited the White Temple, just opposite Vogue Mall. 

 We also dropped by at Fossil Shell Beach. 

Evening we had reservation at Hilltop for sunset and D1s birthday dinner.  The view was amazing with good food. 

The highlight here was how they presented D1s birthday surprise. They dimmed the lights at the Sky Lounge and kept only the light at our table on and when the brought the lighted birthday desert, my son was speechless. 

The band singer sang a birthday song and everyone clapped when he blew the candle. He was very delighted about the whole thing. 

Next morning hubby attempted to climb Tiger Cave Temple where the tallest Budha in Krabi sits. Unfortunately the monkey were not welcoming and at 300 plus steps one even climbed on his backpack and attacked his head. He pushed it away and came down safely.
Here are some pictures he managed to capture:

At about 300plus steps

That afternoon, we took a bike and moved around Ao Nang. It was just around the beach area, so it was safe for four on the bike. We enjoyed it thoroughly. D2 kept sleeping off on the bike. Whole day spent on bike cruise and shopping around Ao Nang.

Next, we chose to spend one day at an Island. we did Phi Phi islands and Monkey Bay, James Bond Island and the likes during our stay in Phuket. So this time with kids in tow, we chose to spend time in one quiet island all for ourselves (well, until the troops come in late afternoon). 
This is Koh Poda:


We were drenched on the way back.
Night was spent cruising around Ao Nang. 

Our last day was spent on last minute shopping. 

Still, on the bike we went around Ao Nang and short visit to Fossil Shell Beach. 
The best place to shop for souvenirs is at Fossil Shell Beach.
Our airport Transfer was a 15 seater. Such comfort for our 40 mins journey to Airport. 

Bye Krabi.