Saturday, February 28, 2015

Journey of a Pilgrim (v) : BSP @ Isha - by Nethianathan Krishna Kutty

It's been a long time since my last post. I just came back from Bhava SPandana @ Isha. I would not be sharing anything from the course as it is just too beautiful to explain in words. It is something that you should experience yourself.
My journey began at 4.30am by aerobus from Klang to KLIA2. Flight at 07.40am reached Trichy at 8.50am local time. Took an auto to Central Bus Station and took the 10.55am bus to Singanallur that reached Coimbatore at 4.10pm. 

After nearly 12 hours of journey, took a nice shower and went for a stroll. Coimbatore town is not bad. Lots of shop selling home appliances. RS Puram is a better place to walk around with eateries, clothing shops and other shops.It is brightly lit and nice to walk around at night. I had light dinner and slept early. I also prepared my 'homework' for the BSP course.

Next morning, got up early, checked out, had breakfast and went to catch the bus at Gandhipuram bus stand only to find out the 9 and 9.10 bus to the center did not come. The 10.10 bus was overcrowded. I joined with other guys who were taking taxi to the centre. It cost me Rp 286, but had a comfortable ride. The bus would have only cost me Rp 14. 
Then it was days of BSP which did change my perception of the environment I am living in and my relationship with the universe. Again, words can NEVER describe this course; it is something you have to experience it yourself!
I left Isha Centre a day after the course ended. I made use of the time in Isha to indulge in Dhyana Lingga and also the Theertha Khund.
Next day, reached Gandhipuram at 1.30pm, stayed here for 2 nights. Spent my time walking around the streets of Coimbatore. Also started reading Mystic Eye and could relate with so many things experienced in BSP. Next day, early morning, took bus to Palani from Ukkadam Bus Stand. It was just my luck, I got the chance to visit Lord Muruga @ Palani just 2 days before Thaipusam. Bus from Ukkadam at 7.10am reached Palani at 9.50 am. Palani was so green as most of the area is covered with paddy fields. Had quick bite at bus stand and just walked to the temple. A guy approached me and told me he is a guide, he brought me to a shop to get prayer items. At first, they told me it is only Rs360 for basic prayer items. Knowing all their tricks, i told them beforehand that I dont want any hidden cost. But still they ended up adding garland, coconut and other items and quoted Rp1500. I didnt like this, as I already mentioned beforehand, then they told me the Rp360 is only for milk! I refused to take it. They tried to compromise by reducing the price. I told them this is why their name is already tarnished on the net. Why cant anything be straight forward? Why all the hidden charges?
Then a lady followed me as guide and explained to me at lower temple  itself. She told me it is not necessary to buy the costly tickets at the main temple on the hill. It took about 30 mins to complete prayers at lower temple. Started climbing the stairs at 10.50am and reached main temple at 11.20am. Very steep stairs and few rest areas. I just paid for Rp20 ticket (normal, non expensive one), and managed to see Lord Muruga by 11.50am. As the crowd was moving slowly, I could see the Lord for good 5 minutes. Good vibrations, nice feeling. Came out, bought some prasadam for home and took nice pictures from on top. Took about 15 minutes to get down. I was at the bus stand by 1pm, and took the bus that was about to leave for Coimbatore and reached hotel at 3.30pm.
After shower, went out for final shopping at Chennai Silk and Sree Devi. Had dinner at Gowri Shankar Restaurant. Took a slow stroll and enjoyed the lively streets of Coimbatore before i pack my bags to leave.


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