Monday, April 29, 2013

Nangelam Maaritom (Translation : We have changed) from Capatti's to Curries

Change from Capatti's to Curries

"Nangelam Maaritom" was a famous indian curry ad. Last time only one Curry Powder brand was known in the market and everyone was only using that curry powder. People didnt bother to try any new ones because they were just used to the old one and even if it doesnt taste good anymore, there are people who still REFUSE TO CHANGE. So, the ad was to show that people have now accepted another brand and have moved on, and now its your turn to do so.

 If you have believed in only one brand in your whole life, but you notice that the quality of that brand is deteriorating, dont you think you should AT LEAST TRY A DIFFERENT BRAND? If you choose to change, it will do two GOOD things :

1. You get to know whether the other brand is good enough or not. At least you have given them a chance to prove themselves.

2. You are also doing something good for your "so called favorite brand". They will realise that their fans are moving away and will improve their quality.

At the end of the day you get two competitive brands to choose from, rather than simply receiving crap from one just because you are ignorant and stubborn and not giving someone a chance.

If you have given BRAND B many chances, again and again and again, what's the harm in giving BRAND P ONE chance , this time? INI CURRY LAH !!!

P/S : Seriously, I was only talking about curry powders. :P