Saturday, November 3, 2012

Breastfeeding : ABC's for Daddies

Your wife just gave birth to the most loveliest creature you have ever seen and she has decided to breastfeed. Now, you feel you are gonna lose out on spending time with both mum and baby. Fret not. You will not be left behind, or rather you should INVOLVE yourself. Here's a simple guide. Learn your ABC's.

Appreciate your wife for deciding to breastfeed. It will take most of her time and it will be a challenge, but your appreciation will be a support for her. Tell her that you know the benefits of breastmilk for your child and make her feel appreciated. NOTE: Please see G for more info.

You can always offer to bathe baby. This way, you get to spend sometime with baby and mommy gets to take some rest.

Babies dont just drink milk all the time. They also want to be carried and cuddled. Daddy can do this too. Mommy can use this time to bath or rest.

Always get mommy something to drink. Even plain water will do, but if you have the time you can mix a nice beverage for her. Fluids help with milk production. (also see F)

When mommy is feeding, embrace mommy and baby. Let them know you are always around to shower them with love.

Together with the drink, you can get her some snack - bread/biscuits. Even better if you can prepare her a meal.

Gifts: Gifts are always welcomed.

Help :
Thats a big word. Help with visitor's. Help with housework. Help with running errands. Help with buying all the necessary items that may be requested at odd times - breast pump / nipple shield etc.

At this point of time, trust your wife's instinct. She knows best for your child, as she is following her maternal instinct.

You can always share a joke or two with your wife. It helps to keep her happy in order to produce milk well. Remember to keep her happy in any way possible. Dont let her tear. When she is happy she releases oxytocin in the body that helps with milk production.

Keep out unwanted useless pointless demotivating conversations about breastfeeding away from your wife! Keep such people far away from her as possible (ok that may sound terrible, but sometimes people just dont know when their advice is useless)

Lactation Consultant:
If your wife is finding difficulties with breastfeeding, you can always find a good lactation consultant and arrange an appointment to meet such a person who can help out.

Massage mommy's back or feet whenever you have the time. It will be the most heavenly feeling after feeding the whole day. At the same time, you get to spend some time together.

Nappy :
Yes, daddy can always help to change the nappy / diaper. You get some time to bond with baby while mommy runs to get a quick shower.

Offer :
Always , always OFFER to help. There are many ladies who do everything by themselves without bothering to ask for help. If you offer, they will definitely accept. When mommy is breastfeeding, there is just so much of help that you can offer.

You can always get the pump ready when it's needed and also wash it after use. Keep it dry and ready for use again. Now, that's a HUGE help.

At all times, make your wife feel like a queen. During the initial stages of breastfeeding, she goes through so much of challenges that a daddy might not understand. Sometimes, they feel so low of themselves. So you need to reassure that she is doing well and is always the queen of your heart and the home.

Read more on breastfeeding. Understand why your wife is taking so much of effort in breastfeeding. Share interesting facts on breastfeeding with your wife.

Sing to baby. Babies would have listened to your voice often when in the womb. Naturally, when they are out, your voice soothes them and they fall to sleep easily.

Take care of other children at home. Make sure elder ones get attention, meals and sleep as they always do. Let them play with baby too. Let them understand that new baby is not going to change your love for them.

Unstress the stressed (OK, I know that's not a proper word, but its my blog, so I dont care) Post delivery and breastfeeding can stress a mother. Do your best to keep her stress free.

In the beginning stages of breastfeeding, mother's tend to forget about themselves. You can always keep her pretty. After their bath you can get her talcum, comb, scrunchie , clothes , etc ready. Tell her she looks awesome as always even though she is not looking her best. She will be back to her hot gorgeous self after she gets a hang of breastfeeding. You just need to keep her spirit alive when she is struggling at the beginning stages of breastfeeding.

Wear :
When you go out, always offer to wear your baby. If you have a toddler, then you can take turns managing them.

Get your wife excited! Enough said.

Yours :
Please remember, baby is yours too and you too have the right to promote whats BEST for baby. You have the right to say no to formula for the first few months of babies life, if possible till baby is 1 and older.

Hubby dearest, I am only able to pen this down because you showed me that there is SO MUCH a man can do to help a breastfeeding mom. Thank you darling, for being there throughout this journey. Love ya loadsss.
Zzzzz :
You can always offer to lull baby to sleep or offer to take care of baby a while so that mommy gets some sleep.

" A HEALTHY baby is a product of a HAPPY mommy taken care with lots of love by HEROIC HANDS-ON HELPFUL daddy" - VIMLY -