Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cool ways to stay cool

Its boiling hot in Malaysia right now. I have some cool ways to cool off, in no particular order. These are other ways than switching on the air conditioner at your home for 24-7 until the weather becomes better.

1. Take a dip
MY Favorite. These days almost everyone have portable pools at home. Just jump in it and have a splashing family time. Other options are community pools, rives, beach, lake anywhere... just take a dip!

2.Dress less
Wear as little as possible (Fashion kills, please hide your boots and leather jackets for sometime). Wear loose cotton clothes. Time to bring out your skirts n mini dresses.

3. Hydrate yourself
Drink plenty of water. Nothing beats this. Or you could try lime juice with a pinch of salt instead of sugar. Time for some ice cream too.

4.Open Windows.
 In the morning (before it gets hot), leave the windows open for cool air to come in.As it gets warmer close the windows. You can also cover your pillow and bedsheets with a comforter during the day and take away the comforter when u want to sleep (if you are lazy to do idea No.10)

5. Wet Tshirt
Grab a cotton shirt, run it under cool water, wring it and wear it. Its super cooling to do this and it dries up before u know it. If you dont like the thought of having a wet shirt on you, you could just wet a towel and place it around your neck. Keep repeating as it dries. Go on, try it. It will make you forget the heat.

6.Shopping malls (well, at least u are not using your aircond)
If you are not in the office, and want to save on electricity bill, run to the nearest shopping mall. Although u only intend to window shop, you may end up with a hole in your pocket... hehehe

7.Misty Breeze
Fill some bottles with water. Store them in the freezer. Place them in front of table fan. You can place them in a cup or bowl to catch dripping water. As the ice melts it gives you cool air. Other options are to get those fans which also sprays water. There are also portable ones that you can carry around with you.

8. Home facial
Some swear by it. Slice some chilled cucumbers or tomatoes and place them on your face. Lie down and relax your self. Sip some cucumber or tomato juice while doing this.Alternatively, you could refrigerate your face products (masks, toner, cream). Oh so cooling to use.

9. Sleep on the floor.
For those who can, try sleeping on the floor in the afternoon. Its very cooling and you can sleep well.

10. Cool sheets for a nice cool dream
Keep your pillow cases, bedsheets in a plastic bag and keep them in the freezer. Take them out to use just before sleeping. Good Night. Cool dreams.