Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bujang Valley & Mount Jerai

It's our 4th anniversary but we were busy with Diwali preparations so we planned to make our short trip to SP for a wedding a memorable one by going up Mount Jerai. Both of us have never been up there and it is also our first trip together to Sungai Petani :).
The SP trip was planned for all our KL families to stay together and attend Sanjeev mama's wedding. So we stayed at Permaipura Homestay. I have to recommend this place as it is EXACTLY as mentioned and shown on their website. We enjoyed our stay there. The only minus point was that there were no water heater in the intermediate house , and in the corner house, only the master bedroom had water heater. Otherwise, it was superbly clean and green , green , green. Most of the lights in the Deluxe home worked with motion sensor.

Permaipura Homestay

It is in close distance to SP town and other amenities (by car, of course). We took this chance to visit two places in SP - Bujang Valley & Mount Jerai.

Bujang Valley

It is well maintained even without charging any entrance fee.

Some of the artefacts @ Bujang Valley
There are also few candi's (tomb temple's) , which we didnt visit due to scorching heat. We decided to wet our feets at the waterfall, which is also in the compounds of Bujang Valley Archaeological Site.

Mount Jerai

We were able to drive up Mount Jerai by ourselves, though there are some sharp bents and landslides which we need to be careful of. Once you reach the peak, you will be mesmerised by the beautiful scenery and chalets. It is also quite cooling at 12pm, so I guess it must be really cold at night. I am sure it is worth to stay a night here just to enjoy the misty path and cool breeze.

That was a memorable trip up Mount Jerai. We hope to put up a night there one day.