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No Choice or Tooo Picky???

             I have many guy friends in their late 20s and early 30s complaining about the same thing…. They are quite stable and are in search of a partner to get married and settle down (in other words, arranged marriage) but they say it is very hard to find a young girl who wants to get married and settle down. According to them, the ones the marriage brokers give them are not up to their taste. Most of them are 27 and above while these guys are looking for girls aged 24 , 25ish.
            Even if they get to know young girls (24,25) through their friends or family, those girls are not prepared to settle down as the have laid their plan (career, income, promotion, asset, property…etc etc) and to get married only at the age of 29, 30.
            My guy friends find it ridiculous that’s its so hard to get married these days as its so hard to find the right partner of their choice. They said if they come to a stage that they don’t care who they get married to as long as they just get married then they would just get married to ANYONE of their parent’s choice. They are not saying their parents choice is bad, its just that if they(the guys) are still young, they tend to be very picky… lots of specifics… round eyes, sharp nose… must be tall but not too tall… then must study this much… must know this …must know that…. Bla bla bla… then if plump don’t want… short don’t want… talks a lot don’t want….not young age don’t want…all excuses and excuses.
            When they choose to be so picky what do they expect? Are you looking for a bride or a model for an ad agency? Now, when they choose , they choose high and low and want the best, then what happens after marriage??? Most of them take their wife for granted…. Then why work so hard and waste so much time to get a partner of your choice when in the long run you don’t really care about them?? Not all , but there are people out there who are like that.
            Really, seriously…. I don’t think it’s wrong to be picky since its their choice and they are going to be together for the rest of their lives….but they have to understand most people don’t get married to his/her first choice or first love. So have to be patient and go through this process till he gets his right partner but don’t be too choosy till he becomes too old and regrets why on earth was he very choosy in the first place….. and also for those of you who manage to get the right partner….if you could spend so much time and effort to get a partner of your choice take the same time and effort to be your partner’s choice and keep the relationship alive till the end of your lifetime.

In Hinduism, Marriage is a sacrament of two souls and not a contract between two humans. Man and woman are soul mates who, through the institution of marriage can direct the energy of individual instincts and passion onto the progress of their souls.
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Happy New Year

Another New Year is here…. I used to wonder how many people actually make resolutions every New Year, how many follow them throughout the year and how many actually succeed.  I stopped making resolutions since I was 12. I realized then that I just cannot bind myself into rules and regulations. I just love a flexible lifestyle and I noticed that when I actually had resolutions, I always went against it. When I don’t have resolutions then I tend to change things for the better.
            I know whatever I say will just make people think I have no discipline…. So what? I don’t care. I think majority people actually go against rules; when you say don’t go, there is just a thrill in going there. I am sure many have experienced the sweetness of forbidden fruits (hmmm…)…. Anyway , back to the topic, lets see what does a new year resolution mean (Resource: Wikipedia):
‘A New Year’s resolution is a commitment that an individual makes to a project or a habit, often a lifestyle change that is generally interpreted as advantageous. The name comes from the fact that these commitments normally go into effect on New Year’s Day and remain until the set goal has been achieved, although many resolutions go unachieved and are often broken fairly shortly after they are set.
Many New Year resolutions involve maintaining peak vitality, fitness, or appearance. For example, one person’s goal might be to reduce or to eliminate intake of alcohol, tobacco, or recreational drugs. A student may make a resolution to stay focused in class or to complete all of his assignments. Resolutions to eat sensibly or increase exercise are also quite common. More socio-centric examples include resolutions to donate to the poor more often, to become more assertive, or to become more economically or environmentally responsible. ’
I have to agree that to make a resolution work, we need to have discipline and commitment which I generally lack and I take the easier way out by not making one. And I also take this chance to wish you all MERRY X’MAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR. Do have a blast with lots of fireworks/drinks/food/friends/all aforementioned (whichever suits you best).
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Helping Hand

Last Friday as I was heading home, it was raining rather heavily. While on the way, I spotted an old lady carrying two heavy bags and walking in the heavy rain. It just wasn’t the kind of sight I wanted to see and I already thought to myself if I went pass her without stopping, it will be haunting me. So, as I came nearer, I slowed down my car and stopped in front of her. Lowered my screen and asked her where she was heading to and whether she would like a lift.
She told me she wants to get to the flats few meters down the road but was reluctant to get into the car. Maybe she was afraid I was going to harm her. But I offered her the lift again and told her I was heading the same way, so its not a trouble at all for me to drop her at her destination. After some thought, she got into my car. All the way, all kinds of thoughts came into my mind. What if this lady suddenly took out a knife and pointed at me or would I have given a lift if it was a man. Of course a man can still do harm to us even if they are old. What if she was not a lady and it was a man in disguise waiting for innocent victims like me to lend a helping hand.
Only then I realized, why we don’t easily offer help to strangers on the road, because we can never tell whether they are genuinely asking for help or a fake call just to take some valuables from you. Let alone valuables, now a days taking life seems to be like having breakfast for many idiots out there.
Coming back to my story, I reached the lady’s destination and dropped her. She thanked me and even invited me to her house to have something to eat or drink. I just thanked her and continued my journey. At least, this lady was genuinely stranded in the rain and of course not forgetting she didn’t look for help so even if anything did happen, it would have been my own fault for inviting her. Anyway, glad it turned out to be a save and happy journey.
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Fiction : The Lucky Bride

At last the day arrived. Milina was not prepared for this at all. She is not at all the quiet, homely girl that everyone thinks she is or expected her to be. She knows she has gone beyond the high walls of her parents’ house and not to mention the Indian traditional boundaries.
“Rules are meant to be broken”, Milina’s favorite phrase but of course she doesn’t say that in front of her strict dad.
All that does not mean anything now; she is holding a tray of drinks to be served to the guests. The guests are here for a bride exhibition or more of ‘Catching a good glimpse of the bride’. She could feel all eyes looking at her as she is serving the drinks. Her parents must be very proud to show her off to a group of people like this.
“Aaah look how lovely my child has grown up and how beautiful she looks in this saree”, must be what’s running in my mum’s mind. Whereas dad might be thinking “ Hmm must I really give away my daughter to an unknown stranger like this….?”.
After serving, Milina walked towards the kitchen with her head facing the ground, sign of shyness. She didn’t even have the time to glance at the groom. “Oh for god’s sake, I have mingled fine with so many guy friends and now all of a sudden, I am so shy to even look at the groom” , cursing herself. She could hear laughter coming from the hall.
Suddenly, she got up, and walked straight to the hall. “Can I speak to him for a moment”, she said fearfully not wanting to look at her dad’s expression.
Pause. “Yeah , Yeah go on. Kids these days. Its best they get to know each other”, said the groom’s father.
They went out and took a walk. Milina took a deep breath and looked at him. Tall, dark , good looking with very beautiful features, nice physique. “Maybe he goes to the gym”, she thought. Sharp nose, proportionate lips and her heart stopped beating when she gazed into his eyes. His hazel nut colored sexy eyes was just way too much for her to digest. Milina was hypnotized. Her eyes met his, and both turned away, embarrassed.
“Never in my wildest dream did I think I would be seeing such a pretty bride. I expected a very old fashion , conservative looking bride, but you are just Wow”, saidNahen
“Never in my wildest dream I imagined a gorgeous hunk sweeping me off my feet,”Milina blushed, she was too shy to tell him what she felt about him.
“So, tell me what do you think about this whole thing? “, Nahen asked
“I don’t think it’s the right time to ask this question. I think the question is do you think this will work or do you have any other plans?”, she asked.
“Well, I have a plan. Not sure if you want to join me.”he said with a naughty look.
“Lets be frank here. I liked you the very first moment I saw you. I want to know more about you and I want to love you before we think about marriage. So, my plan is we tell them we will agree to this marriage only if they give us one year time for us to get to know each other. But I can assure you , I have already fallen in love with you, “
The moment he said that, Milina knew she was just falling for him at the same speed he is falling for her. They looked at each other , gave the naughty look and they kissed , a long and passionate kiss that will definitely remain in their memories long after they are married.
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Fantasy : The Journey

It was already 10.45pm and very late to catch the bus. Plus, not knowing whether there is a bus going down south at this time and whether there will still be tickets or able to catch it on time.
Phew! Its 11pm, glad to catch the two last seats on the last bus heading down south. The day ends and so does the birth date but the birthday present was the vacation on the next day. One quiet island with white sandy beach and relaxing with a heartthrob was quite a feast for the tired mind.
Expected a rough and uncomfortable journey as it was going to be a 6 – 7 hours journey then continued by an hour boat ride. Thinking about it was just going to spoil the fun, so it was kicked out of the mind.
Turned out to be one of the most enjoyable ride. Resting the head on each other and with the warmth of a large jacket serving as a comforter was nothing close to uncomfortable. Waking up in the morning at the last stop was like being jolted from a special, meaningful comfort zone. Classic ………a journey to remember.
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Never Say Goodbye

Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna….. Nice movie but I was a bit disappointed. No not with the movie , but a small part of the storyline. Will talk about the movie first before going to the storyline. Even if you went in to watch this movie without knowing who directed it, you wont come out of the theater without knowing that it was Karan Johar’s. Just like his other movies, his favorite cast are in this movie, taken in foreign locations, expensive mansions, beautiful wardrobe, lots of colours and very luxurious.
            Actually I liked the storyline, but a certain part of the story should have been different. There should have been more drama in their marriage lives. Because no such thing was shown, It makes you to think that these people were VERY VERY selfish. Maybe the movie was meant to proof that unfaithful people are selfish.       
             People who are in a secret relationship out of their marriage life would like this movie. But for a person who does not have a problem in his marriage but is having an affair might think that it is right to do so. This is why I think there should have been some major drama in the characters’ marriage lives to make it more logic and not seem so selfish.
            Anyway it’s a movie not to be missed, so go and enjoy it and another advice is don’t think too much about it later cause I thought about the movie for 2 days and yet I still cant stop thinking about the change in the storyline that would have made the ending more logical and acceptable.
I took the review below from somewhere on the net… liked it very much and agree very much…
not about affairs at all
by ax1ztm  Aug 15, 2006
This movie is not about extramarrital affairs at all. It is rather about meeting and sharing your life with your soulmate. Karan Johar is not promoting having affairs. He himself says in the movie’s CD that those who marry their soulmate are the most lucky, they never have an affair. However, he says in the CD, what should people who do not marry their soulmate do? That is the focus of the movie. Shah Rukh Khan’s character and Rani Mukherji’s character are not casanovas. They do not go about having affairs with a gazillion people. They have an affair with only one another, because they are soulmates. I think the moral of the movie is what Khan’s character says in the end of the movie, that you should wait until you meet your soulmate to get married, or else you will hurt a lot of hearts a long the way. Karan is telling viewers to wait for their soulmate. Soulmates will end up together no matter what.

Fiction: When the time comes

I dumped my school bag and jumped on my bed. It has been a bad day today. I fell down in school today, was scolded by Ms Gina , the maths teacher and on top of all that my two best friends confessed to me on the same day.
“Must I make a choice between Keegan and Talan? But that’s imposibble”. I have always had an eye on Keegan and was happy when I received a letter from him. He left it under my desk and I saw the letter after I came back from recess. I trembled as I opened the letter, all the words in the letter were blur to me as my eyes only caught these words: I Love You , From Keegan. My heart jumped for joy.
I was so happy but was very shy to face him so I walked back home with Talan. I guess Keegan was shy too, that’s why he didn’t come along. Just as I wanted to break this news to Talan, he said seriously to me , “I want to talk to you about something”.
“Yeah, about what?”
“Well its ….. gonna be hard, and I don’t know how to say it.”
“Ha ,ha don’t joke Talan. Just say it , why are you acting so akward”, I laughed.
“I Love You”
“Yeah , I Love You Too”
“No, Amy , I really Love You”, said Talan seriously.
I was baffled, then I knew it. “You guys are playing the fool with me are you?”.
“What? Who, What are you talking about” I knew by the tone of his voice he is not joking. If they really were playing a prank on me, Keegan would have appeared from somewhere and both of them would be laughing by now. But no, that’s not happening and I don’t see Keegan popping out of nowhere.
“Oh , nothing.” I said , noticing that he was waiting for my answer.
After lunch, I once again started thinking about them. Now, I cant even be happy that Keegan finally has read my feelings and have responded but I can only feel sad that the 3 of us have been best buddies and my decision will affect both of them.
By night, I finally decided that I would daringly tell them my decision tomorrow. I definitely can’t choose between them and we shall continue our friendship until we are old enough to really understand the true meaning of love. For all I know, maybe I only have a crush on Keegan and no point destroying the relationship that the 3 of us have had over a crush. Plus, the three of us are only 15, we have many more years to go. “Aah , now I can go to sleep peacefully. I will meet tomorrow when it comes”.
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Fantasy : A moment to remember

Weather was gloomy and it was already past 6pm. Just back after selling a car, passing by Gombak area. The signboards were pointing to the National Zoo. So since nearby, would be lovely to drop by and pay a visit to the cute creatures there. Not been here for more than 15 years.
            Ticket was RM20 for an adult so this better be good. Once entered, it started to drizzle. Long walk, passing by cages of monkeys. There were tigers, lions, giraffe and other four legged animals. The monkeys were cute but naughty. But have seen all of these and was exited when there were penguins. Never knew there were penguins here in our National Zoo. Cute funny creatures.
            Only about an hour, already deep inside the zoo, and it was definitely going to rain heavily. Then, spotted a cafĂ© and ran inside. There were all kinds of ice – cream. Ordered one big one for two. While enjoying the ice cream together, the rain began to pour heavily. Image of being in the zoo just vanished. Felt as if it was somewhere else, in some other country with the breeze and the rain and the ice cream and both of us. A moment to remember….
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I am gonna put in 2 new titles Fantasy n Fiction. So this one just some stuff that i create dan tiada kaitan with the other blogs of mine and also tiada kaitan dgn sesiapa sama ade hidup atau mati.
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Cooking is definitely no rocket science but why so many people find it hard to make a decent meal for two or one at least? I don’t know whether to include myself in this category because I can cook well.
I can make all the simple Indian dishes like curries, vegetable dishes and also Indian sweets like kesari and sweet rice (sakkarai ponggal). But there is one problem I can only make these dishes with the help of my cookbook. It’s a very simple cookbook written by a Malay writer but the recipes are written so well that you can never go wrong.
When I started learning to cook with the help of this cookbook, I thought it is only temporary and later I will be able to make curries without looking at the book. Just like when you learn to cycle, you have two small wheels supporting you. Later, when you become better or confident, you throw away the supporting wheels and can cycle like a pro. At least I thought that was going to be the case with my cooking. Alas! I have been cooking the same dishes for 2 years but I am still referring to my cookbook. I cant even cook a simple chicken curry without it. I am so attached to my cookbook now that I don’t know whether I will be able to cook in the future without it…… hmmm God save this poor child of yours…
Talking about cooking , I remember my experience learning to clean, cut and fry fish from my housemate during uni. Once I already clean and cut the fish under my housemate’s guidance, she asked me to marinate (or whatever you call it) the fish with some turmeric powder. I did as told but I think I was doing it so gently that my housemate irritatedly said “I think you should be gentler or else you will hurt the fish”… hmm talk about your first time.
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Its very hard to describe love and everyone experience love in various ways. There are so many kinds of people and different categories of love. Firstly, there is this puppy love, which usually happens at a very young age and when we don’t really know what love is. This type of love will fade away easily especially when we realize that we never really had any feelings for the other person other than just enjoying their company.
            Then we go through the love search process where we find for true love. Some lucky people may find their true love at their first attempt and even luckier, they get married. While the rest, go through the same process of searching, dating, understanding the other person, adjusting to a new partner, then if nothing works out some fights and end of relationship then back to the search. Most people are in this category and this is how people end up finding and getting married to their true love.
            There is also the miracle love, where it was an arranged date or even an arrange marriage but still they manage to find love between themselves. This one is very rare, but it happens and there are many living proof around us.
            Then there are people who have found their love, but have to be silent about it because of so many complications in their relationship maybe due to one of them are married or different race and such. This kind of love can be thrilling, but they have to cherish every moment they have together because they can never be sure about the future of their relationship.
            Then there are also people who don’t care about love or relationship and would rather live alone and enjoy their independence. Then there is also the weird love where half of the world wont understand them or their choice of love whereby I too don’t understand these people so I will not say anything.
            Hmmm…. which ever category you are in, you can only plan but sometimes things don’t happen they way you planned it. Whatever will be…….will be. A bell is no bell till you ring it, a song is no song till you sing it and love was not put in your heart to stay; for love is no love till you give it .
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Why do married people have affairs? Again another topic suggested by my friends. It’s very hard so say one thing as the reason cause everyone who has been unfaithful have their own reasons and excuses.
First of all, it’s so hard to define an affair. Will going for a movie or lunch with the opposite sex behind your spouse’s back considered as an affair? Or is it considered affairs only if you have a relationship with someone while you are married? I will not say talking over the phone/ going for lunch/movie behind spouses back as an affair. It definitely wrong to hide this from your spouse, but it cannot be considered as an affair because there are many married people who are happy with their marriage lives but still tend to look for friends outside. But what starts as friendship might lead somewhere. I think an affair is only if it is taken to another level where you have a relationship with someone else other than your spouse.
I think people have affairs only because they are not happy with their spouse. Here is where compatibility plays a role. Heard of sexual compatibility? Guess this is important in a marriage life (Eventhough I am not married I have many male and female married friends, so I know what I am talking about). Compatibility between partner’s actually plays a major role in a relationship. It is said that if a persons desires are fulfilled in his own home he will not be attracted to seduction from outside.
But still there are situations where it just happens because of stupidity. I have heard a male friend tell me that once when his wife was not around, he went out with a female friend and ended up taking her to the house and wink wink well you know the rest. But he claims he is happy with his wife and it happened because the girl gave in and after that he regretted what happened. This kind of people should be shot down. I don’t know why I can accept married people who find true love outside their marriage life and will encourage them to choose between love found outside (if they are really sure that it is true love) or their married life. But I cannot accept people who leave their marriage life because of lust found outside of the house. This is pure stupidity.
When I was a teenager, I have always hated ladies who steal other peoples boyfriend or married man, …”What a bitch”, I used to think. But now I realize that in some cases it happens because of true love. But in some cases it happens because of lust or a one night stand just for the thrill of it. If it happens out of lust; it is all unnecessary because it is involving 3 peoples feelings and also one (or more) families.
In my own opinion, I think if you find a partner who is compatible with you, you will always be happy with that person and will never be unfaithful. So for people who get married because of environment or situation or parents choice or anything like that please think properly before you make this huge mistake. Even for people who are in love or think you are in love please make sure that you and your spouse agree on most things. If you find that you disagree on practically everything and often fight, please think twice before taking it to the next level. Because all this will only make you unhappy and look for a shoulder to cry on outside the house and it might end up as an affair.
As a conclusion, all I want to say is whatever may be, may be. No one can tell for sure that they will never have an affair or their spouse will never cheat behind their back. To me, I feel, ANYTHING is possible in this world, and you should be able to face it if it turns out that you or your spouse is stuck in such a sticky situation. And always be strong and ready to expect the unexpected.
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Love or Money

This topic was chosen by my friends. A very nice topic but not an easy one. I tried my best to give my views on it. Dear gals, hope you like it……..

What a girl really wants? If a girl is happily in love with a guy will she still want to be with that guy if a rich guy proposes? Ok lets forget about celebrities, cause I think most of them end up marrying filthy rich guys but we do not know whether there is love involved or not. It would be wedding of the year then few years down the road it would be divorce of the year. And we will also forget about what a guy wants cause they only want one thing and that’s the only thing in their mind. Ok guys don’t get angry, I was just kidding.
            Girls, I don’t think you will be satisfied given only this two choices, am I right? If you get a man who has lots of love to offer and lots of money to give but is not compatible with you, do you think you will be happy? I know it’s easier to find a guy that gives love and easy to find a guy with lots of money or both buy it’s definitely hard to get a guy that is compatible with you. I think a girl will be happiest when she gets a guy who agrees with her most of the time and gives her the freedom that she wants. What I am trying to say here is, everyone has their own level of expectation; whether love or money, nobody wants it in the same amount.
            I want to define three things : Love – okay we know what it means but its hard to define as everyone has their own perception. Money – well money is money and including everything else that can be bought with money. And Compatibility – receiving everything that we expect in the right amount and it includes everything from love, money, freedom, sex, just anything and everything that we can expect from a guy.
            Every girl is unique and special in their own way; each person has got different characteristics. We need to find a guy who suits with our characteristics, in other words compatible with us. There are girls who love their freedom or love to be showered with expensive gifts and if they get a guy who can shower them with loads of love and romantic words but restrict their freedom or spend less money on them, I can assure you that the girl is not going to be happy. In the beginning she might think that she has fallen in love because of the sweet words but as time flies she will realize, she wants her freedom back or wants a luxurious life.
            There are girls who love to be loved and showered with sweet and romantic words and are complimented all the time. If this kind of girl falls for a guy who has showered her with expensive gifts but doesn’t utter a single compliment about her or doesn’t spend time with her she is definitely making the wrong choice. But the truth is, situations like this happen because girls are easily tackled when offered expensive gifts. Only time will tell that girl that she is not happy and she wants a man that can love her more and spend more time with her.
            Okay with those examples I hope I have explained that a girl can never choose that LOVE is what I want or MONEY is all I want. For each girl they have to find a compatible partner that suits her character and can provide the amount of love or money that she is expecting.  I can assure that finding a compatible partner will ensure a girls happiness. In one word, question yourself first what are your expectations then go for a guy who can fulfill all that and if you are unable to find one then don’t complain about the one that you have settled down with.
            So my dear gals I dont know if I did answer your question but I think it is all up to individuals; whatever your choices are my choice is compatibility.

Free is Good

Every other day there is a new phone model on the market. Well, I just realised I have used 8 phones but I never bought any of them. Going down memory lane….. Uni time, when I came home during weekend, I got my very first phone. The moment I saw it, I fell in love with it cause that was the first time in my life I was the owner of a hand phone. Never mind that it was only a Nokia 5110, it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen at that time.
Then after 2 years, a friend gave me a Nokia 3210.
While I had that, I was also using an old Nokia Brick Model. This was because I was using Celcom as my main line and then Adam(017) had a promotion free calls from 017 to 017. So I used 017 on the brick phone and abused 017 to the max, eventhough I was not having a conversation, I will not end the call and will also ask the person on the other end not to end it. What the heck, it was free.
Then, my bro gave me his Nokia Butterfly Model 8210.
Used that for sometime, then gave it back to him. Used my Nokia 5110 again. Then the same friend gave me a Nokia 3310. Did not use very long, went back to 5110 again
Another friend gave me a Nokia 3315, who then gave me a Nokia 3200 , then a Nokia 6100
Finally, now I am using a Nokia 6260 given by my bro and I am still using Celcom. So moral of the story is NOKIA and CELCOM are the BEST!!!!!!!!and anything that comes free is GOOD.
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The Witty Pirate

I just don’t know how a pirate, being all dirty and oily with ugly teeth and everything else ugly on him can still manage to be attractive. I am not sure if anyone else will agree with me or is it only me who feels like this. Captain Jack Sparrow has got something in him or some kind of charm that makes me want to watch him again after Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl.
Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man’s Chest was an enjoyable show. Of course , it has to be, having the one and only witty pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow in it. I don’t like Orlando ‘Broom’, so I am not gonna say anything about him. And the so called sexiest lady on earth, nothing much to say about her too but the movie was interesting and I can’t wait to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Yeah, I am sure there is gonna be another one.
Well , I am not gonna give any synopsis here cause I dont want to spoil the fun for anyone. Watch for yourself, this entertaining show will leave you in stitches.
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Stadium Astro

The World cup fever is over now, although there would have been many mc’s today to end their fever. (ooh no jam today, the road was clear)
We in Malaysia should really thank Astro (No, I am not getting any commission for this) for their tremendous effort in bringing us the luxury of watching the games live in our own living room. We not only get to watch multiple games on a single screen, but also watch different angles of the game, the highlights and all the latest scores and information at the touch of the remote control.
I was one of the few who sent emails to Astro protesting on their price increase a few years ago. Now, I am really amazed that that Astro provided us all this features with no extra charges. Well Done, Astro. The next best thing to watching it live in Germany is watching it on Stadium Astro.

8th Wonder of The World?

No one or thing can show you the true meaning of beauty other than her. Its not just the fact that she is physically flawless, but its more on the way she carries herself. She can display beauty, glamour, sophistication, modernity and just about anything and everything that can be used to describe women. If you watch her interview on tv, you can only think that there’s no better answer than the answers that she gives. When asked about her personal live, she clearly states that she is not interested is publicising anything about her personal life. I have read that many people/press in India have tried to put her down by saying she does not dress well and also things about her personal life which she responded to by saying whatever it is that they say, it is still she who is representing India and women of the world. I think India should be proud to have her and not condemn her in every way that they can. When watching her interview you would just have to agree that she is not just a dumb beauty but she’s beauty with brains. I am not a Great Fan of hers or want a temple to be built for her or chant manthras with her name but as long as she is representing the modern women of the world, its best that we support her. I definitely think she is the 8th wonder of the world and I think God must have created her so perfect for a reason and she is doing her best.

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Most Embarrassing Moment

I think everyone would have their most embarrassing moment. I also have my most embarrassing moment (not that embarrassing actually, but I still smile to myself when I think about it).
It happened around 2002 I think , 3 or 4 years ago, in Malacca. Just opposite Malacca Bus Station, in front of Hang Tuah Plaza, I was waiting in line to use the ATM machine. While standing there, I noticed from the reflection of one of the shops glass window, one VERY HANDSOME guy looking at me (not perasan, I was 100% sure he was looking at me). But he was looking at me directly, so he doesn’t know that I was looking at him from the reflection of the glass window. So the line was quite long and the guy also was looking at me for a very long time and I also cuci mata at the same timela.
Ok so after I took my money out and left the ATM machine, the guy was missing. I crossed over and went to the bus stop. Still not happy, from the bus stop, I looked across the road and my eyes were wildly looking for him. Stupidly I did not do this subtlely, I looked high and low for him (he was really good looking, so I thought I could have at least smiled at him…. What a waste). Then suddenly one guy from behind asked me " Are you searching for me??" I turned and it was that guy. I felt so shy , I just smiled and ran away …thank god the bukit beruang bus reached at that time and I ran in without looking at that guy. I don’t know how embarrassing this is, but I was really embarrassed at that time. Kwang…..kwang…. kwang….

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Nothing belongs to you!!!

Human beings will only stop fighting for other people’s property when they realise nothing in this world is permanent and nothing in this world belongs to us. Even your own body is not yours (well at least for those who believe in incarnation/reincarnation). According to reincarnation believes, our body does not belong to us. We are the soul that resides in the current body and even the body goes through changes (from baby to adult to old age).
We have to realise that whatever that is with us today, might be with someone else one day (can be a car or even your spouse). We cannot dictate on whom or what should belong to us. It is all a natural process. Only when you live with no expectation, you will be happy with your life. Never expect that all that you have today will still be with you for the rest of your life. Never expect for something to belong to you in the future.
It’s a clichĂ© saying You come with nothing to this world and you are going to leave this world with nothing. To a certain extend its true but I think its best to enjoy everything in between coming and leaving this world. But enjoy what you have, when you have it cause it might not be with you tomorrow. And when it leaves, don’t bother crying over it as there’s always something else coming in the future (it can be a job, or even a dream date). As for me, all my life I have NEVER cried over spilt milk cause I always get better and a variety of MILKSHAKEs at the end of the day……. :-p
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The World’s Local Bank

This one is specially dedicated to GK (Ganesh Kumar)…. Enjoy
I would like to share my experience as a Worldwide Buttress Administrative (You know what it means…hehe) in the Red Bank. This can be guide for people interested to work there. It is a VERY FRIENDLY environment. You will have TOO MANY friends till you can’t remember names. There are always fun activities and games. They have pool tables, Foosball tables, carom boards, table tennis and so many other stuff. They have so many tournaments with very nice prizes. There are always weekend activities like going for movies, picnic, adventure, treasure hunt and many more. You can sing songs, act in dramas/plays, dance or clown around for everyone to watch you (You get a chance to be on the LIMELIGHT). You get to work odd hours, which means you DO NOT have to wake up EARLY in the morning or rush through the JAM. Dress Code is NEVER strict. You can PIERCE your ear, nose, eyebrow, lips, tongue , belly button or even DYE your hair purple, YOUR CHOICE. SOUNDS INTERESTING??????
Alas! With all those advantages there are SOME disadvantages:

  1. All bags and HANDPHONE must be kept in the locker out of the operations floor. (I NEVER followed this rule)
  2. Have to start work exactly on the dot, cause you have RPH and SLAs. IF you are late by few minutes (which is OK in a normal office environment), you will be looked at like you have just committed a crime. Whereas its normal to be few minutes late in a normal office.
  3. No READING MATERIAL allowed in operations floor. No I am not talking about fashion magazines, even Reader’s Digest or the NEWSPAPER IS NOT ALLOWED.
  4. NO INTERNET CONNECTION ON YOUR PC and DREAM ON to have your own office email address like all your other friends in a normal office environment. And you don’t have your own office phone too. You cannot make casual calls anywhere.
  5. NO OTHER PROGRAMS run on your PC other than the system that you work on.
  6. You have no cubicles. If you share PC with different shifts, then NO PERSONAL BELONGINGS on the table.
  7. EVERYTHING you do is logged so please remember to log your toilet time cause you are unproductive during that time. (Yeah … in a normal office no one cares where you go when you leave your desk). And forget about walking around or meeting friends of other department.
  8. The ONLY break you have is 2 15 minutes breaks and 1 lunch / dinner break (depending on time of work) In a normal office environment, its your call whenever and whatever time you want to take your break.
  9. Imagine This: You do the same thing day-in day-out. Work is definitely boring. Then u add in no internet, no phone, no connection to the outside world other than your snobbish customers, nothing of your personal stuff is anywhere near you. Even if a million sms sent to your phone it has to wait in the locker. You have to sit in your place till the end of the day, only move during break time and going to the toilet. (No cigarette breaks on your own time guys…) You log down every DAMN thing you do, every minute counts. At the end of the day, you clear up everything, then leave back home happy that your ROBOT life for the day ends there.
  10. The moral of the story is, you will enjoy working here if you love people to STEP on you and LOCK your WORKING FREEDOM [freedom of clothes, and speech (free to talk but top management doesn’t listen to you) is definitely given] just because you are considered as CHEAP LABOUR.
This may all look OK to some ppl, but ppl who have experience working in an office environment they know what I am talking about. OFFICE or CALL CENTRE. Now you can MAKE YOUR DECISION.
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Arranged Marriage

In my opinion, I think arranged marriages are a whole load of crap. I do not believe in arranged marriages and I think it’s impossible for it to last. I am NOT saying that ALL arranged marriages are short-lived. I am saying that I do not want an arranged marriage, cause I will NEVER be able to adjust myself to and for a stranger. Additionally, I have always hated the tradition where this stranger (potential groom) comes to the girl’s (potential bride) house to have a look at the girl. What CRAP (sounds like bird watching)!!!!. I do not mind, if the boy of my choice comes to the house with his parents to fulfil this tradition just for the sake of the tradition. At least then, the main agenda would not be HAVING A GOOD LOOK at the girl cause he already knows the girl. Personally, it takes TIME for me to know a man and in an arranged marriages, the time given to get to know each other is very limited or at times not there at all. Anyway, I am a strong believer of FATE, so I am just gonna go with the flow….. If I am fated to get married to ‘My Soul Mate’, I would be overjoyed. If not, I would just agree to be married to whomever I am fated with, sadly. I would just have to keep my fingers crossed for the next three years. After that, I am sure I would be sentenced to a life time imprisonment without interrogation.
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After a very long time, last week I went back to my beloved hometown, Banting. At the entrance of the town a magnificent bridge greeted me. It’s magnificent because its shocking to see such a high, huge bridge built in Banting. Impressive. There are actually many more new things in Banting, like Tesco , Fajar ( its an achievement too since Banting only had two stores for many many years) few fast food centres and there are many more projects coming up.
Then I called up my friend, and asked her what shall we do in Banting since both of us are free. She said we could go bowling. I asked her where cause I just came back and I don’t want to go out of Banting. She said let’s go to Banting Superbowl. I was like What?????? Yeah … there’s a bowling centre in Banting much to my amazement. Now , I feel so proud that Banting is moving from ‘Kampung’ to ‘Bandar’. Its probably a slow process, but I will wait….. Banting Boleh… Hmmm, hope a cineplex will be built soon.