Friday, May 6, 2011

The Royal Wedding

No, I am not going to write about the Royal Wedding which had full coverage by the mass media all over the world... even E.T might have got the news. This is about my colleagues, some infra guys, mainly Sonny who use to play pranks on one of my colleague, Prema Latha. This time, they got my colleague married to Prince William:

And they distributed this picture to few other colleagues. After seeing this, many people starting asking the same from Sonny. Looks like many people wished they were married to a prince. But, I told them, if they plan to do one for me , I would love to be with my fav Hero - Abhishek Bachan. Next thing I know, they got me married to Abhishek. Wow, my colleagues really have talent, man. Good Job, Sonny.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

KK Family Camp - April 2011

Every Year, in the month of April, the Kutty's set out to celebrate Mrs Kutty - Mdm Batemah's birthday. In case you were wondering, she is my MIL and the Kutty's are my in laws.

This year the venue is Maybank Bungalow @ PD:

Day 1:
We left Puchong at 11.30 am and reached the venue at 1pm... hehe.. too many detours and broken convoy in between. Today, it was free and easy, so kids were playing footbal and hide & seek around the house, while the adults got busy unloading and unpacking our stuffs.

 Event Organizers (Nantha, Boy, Vimly and Achi) distributed goody bags to everyone. In the evening, we visited the beach to catch the sunset, but we were not in time to catch it. Still, we had time to dip in the water and play beach football.

Day 2:
Early morning, all got ready for our beach activity. We drove down to the beach and started with our games.We divided everybody into 4 groups comprising of equal adults and children, male and female.

1) Centipede Game
Rules: The whole team have to stand in a line and get thier legs tied to the person standing next to them - now the whole team is 1 big centipede. The idea is to have all the centipede's leg pass through the rings on the floor, but each time, there must only be one set of legs in each ring. This process have to be repeated until everyone in the team have passed through all the rings. One mistake, penalty is to go back one step.

Oops , no picture taken.

2) PVC Challenge
Rules: There will be a PVC pipe planted on the sand with a ping pong ball inside. There are holes drilled onto the PVC pipe- thanks to Achi Boy's hard work. Team has to take theping pong ball out. You are not allowed to take the ball out with your hands, unless you are not able to take it after the first 5 minutes.

3) Water Collection
Rules: Teams are given a PVC pipe with strings attached to it. Every member has to control the PVC by holding the string. Without touching the PVC pipe, they need to collect water in the PVC pipe and pour in into mineral water bottles that were arranged inside a block. They are also not allowed to step into the block.

Points were given according to finishing time. First - 10 points, 2nd - 8points, 3rd - 6points and 4th - 4points. Points for all games were totalled up to get our Grand Winner - Avinesh Kumar's team.

Once we were done with the games, we jumped into the water and lazed in the sun. Aarsyan had a gala time in the water.

And in the sand

Late afternoon, we all packed and returned to the bungalow for lunch and slept for a while. In the evening, we had lucky draw.

 Everyone gets a prize, but the lucky one gets the Grand Prize. There is 1 lucky winner for each category. There are about 6 categories: Adult Male, Adult Female, Young Male, Young Female, Children Boys and children Girls. The team that won the Games Challenge, recieved a big hamper worth of lovely goodies.

At night, we all got dressed and went to a hotel in Blue Lagoon for the "Cut Caking" ceremony (err.. that was slip of the tongue by a family member which became the highlight of the day)

Then, we partied all night.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

KK Family Camps (2007 - 2010) : Summary

Summary of previous family Camps

I would not be able to blog about each of them separately, so here's a summary of it.

This is the first year they decided to start a family camp. I was not in it, but I was always there somewhere in the background of their lives... since 2003... just that they didn't know of it... 

First Year, first venue Langkawi.

Second year venue - Bukit Merah laketown resort - my favourite,  as this was were they decided to agree for our marriage.

Can't find the pics

Third Year venue - Sunway Lagoon. My first year in the KK family and also pregnant at that time.

4th year venue - Bukit Tambun - Aarsyan's first time in the KK Camp.