Tuesday, May 3, 2011

KK Family Camps (2007 - 2010) : Summary

Summary of previous family Camps

I would not be able to blog about each of them separately, so here's a summary of it.

This is the first year they decided to start a family camp. I was not in it, but I was always there somewhere in the background of their lives... since 2003... just that they didn't know of it... 

First Year, first venue Langkawi.

Second year venue - Bukit Merah laketown resort - my favourite,  as this was were they decided to agree for our marriage.

Can't find the pics

Third Year venue - Sunway Lagoon. My first year in the KK family and also pregnant at that time.

4th year venue - Bukit Tambun - Aarsyan's first time in the KK Camp.

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