Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day, Daddy

Hi...It's me Aarsyan. I have been waiting to get my hands on this thing for a very long time... I want to touch all this alphabets and see the wonderful things that appear on the square thing in front of me.

Now, the reason I am here is because I want to tell my daddy how much I love him.
 the morning & goodnight kissies that he gives us without fail everyday
 ♥ when daddy carries me high up in the air and turns me around
 ♥ when daddy reaches the front door, tired from work and I run to get my ball and he plays football with me
 ♥ when daddy gives me a bath ... Oh I so love this
 ♥ when daddy does the simple things like feeding me or changing my diapers
 ♥ when daddy dresses me up ... I  ♥ his sense of fashion
 ♥ when daddy doesn't scold me when I am wrong... he is strict , but he doesn't scold like amma.
 ♥  when daddy takes me 'kai-kai' or for long rides in the car
 ♥ when daddy lets us play with small animals/pets... *winks*
 ♥ when I sleep off on daddy's chest

thinking of sleep...

I have lot more to write, but ITS PAST MY BEDTIME, so *YAWN* I need to get some sleep to spend more time with daddy tomorrow. So, in one word - I LOVE EVERYTHING DADDY DOES FOR ME.

(Typed carefully by me with Amma's help)


Monday, June 13, 2011

Pantai Morib, Banting

I have mentioned that there are lots of changes to Pantai Morib, Banting. This time I would like to give a better picture of the changes. Unfortunately, the picture quality is not good as I took the pics with phone camera only. First thing, location map, (Morib is marked as A). If you are coming from KL, take KESAS and follow the Klang singboard until you see the Banting signboard. After that follow Banting signboard all the way until you reach banting town then follow Pantai Morib signboard.

Last time, Pantai Morib was a dirty beach with no facilities. No shops, no food stalls, no toilets... just an empty dirty beach.

The Entrance:

Its a lovely place to take an evening stroll with family. There are shops that sells colourful kites as its very windy here and ample place to play kites.

The grass is green and well kept. There is walkway in between made of tiles to ease those with strollers.

The place is clean with lots of people just enjoying the sea breeze. Some people choose to sit under the casuarina tree and have a family picnic. A lot of people sit at the Esplanade area to watch the sunset while some just walk along the pathway.

The aroma of grilled seafood, sate and burger lingers around this area. There are a row of newly built, clean shops that offers variety of dishes. I haven,t tried anything yet, so cannot comment on the food.

There is also a playground for kids

There are also nearby chalets and hotels (Hotel Impian Morib) for people who come from far and want to put up a night.

The beach water is not as clean as Sepang Gold Coast. Sepang Gold Coast is a better place to take a dip. Here, it is either very high tides that the waves hit the rocks or very low tide where you need to walk at least 200m to reach ankle deep water and few more hundred metres to take a dip.

Nice place for sunset

Malaysian superstitions that we will not pass on to our kids

Are you a superstitious person? I am not, but I know that some of the beliefs actually have a true meaning to it, but usually oldies give different reasons to scare people to make them abide by it. At this age, we do not need to scare our kids with this stuff as we are able to reason out with them.

As Malaysian's we would have heard all the Malay , Indian & Chinese superstitions that we may not even be able to tell them apart. Here are a few and also the real reason as to why this superstitions came up:

1) Do not break mirror (some even say glass)
Reason: 7 Years years of bad luck
Truth: If  people break mirror or glass, they can get their hands cut.

2) Dont sit / step on a book
Reason: You will become stupid.
Truth: Its a reading material, so as a form of respect, the least we can do is not to step or sit on it.

3) Dont sit on pillow
Reason: You will get a boil on your bum
Truth: Duh! You put your head on it to sleep, you dont want it smelling of people's bum.

4) "Anak dara takleh nyanyi kat dapur" (Dont sing in the kitchen / while cooking)
Reason: You will get marry to an old man
Truth: If you sing, u might loose concentration in cooking and might add the wrong ingredients or maybe your saliva will drop into the pot.. eeeww

5) Do not open umbrella at home
Reason: Snake might jump out of it (Ha Ha) / Some say the house will be cursed n you will loose some wealth.
Truth: You might poke someone , or if its wet, water will drip inside the house.

6) During Maghrib, Muslims kids are not allowed to play outside
Reason: A lot of ghosts wandering around
Truth: You want the kids to be back early, have their bath and pray on time.

7) Do not walk under the ladder
Bad luck will befall you
Truth: If you walk under the ladder chances are people on top may drop something and fall on you, or even the ladder might fall on you

8) Do not cut fingernails at night (Same with dont cut hair at night / dont sew at night)
You will be cursed
Truth: Those days people used kerosene lamps where the light is dim, so u might cut your fingers... but now kan not like that... terang benderang kat umah...

9) After food, dont let the plate dry... pour some water on it
Reason: Keringla rezeki nanti
Truth: If its dry, difficult to wash la.

There are also marriage superstitions and the worst is pregnancy and confinement superstitions. Although most of them are meant to keep you safe, the reasons they give are terrible. Some of the superstitions have no meaning at all.

Packing right

I know a lot of people who pack light, but I prefer to pack right, as well. I have listed some tips for certain places but is more for women... men can skip this... heck, I don't think any man read my blog anyway..(hubby not counted as he reads and gives valuable feedback). Hope my blog helps first time travelers.

First of all, if you are going anywhere for more than a week, please ensure that you can mix and match your clothes and also have facilities to wash and dry them if you want to pack light. Better to bring wrinkled styled clothes, so you dont have to look for iron.

Hot place - (Example: India)

  • Cotton T shirts (you can also buy this at the place u visit)
  • Cotton Short sleeve blouses
  • Kurtis
  • Long skirt or Short Jeans skirt
  • Jeans / Thick pants
  • shorts (You will feel awkward wearing this in the town as everyone in India wears saree)
  • Comfortable undies
  • Cotton Pyjamas/ shorts
 Swimsuit/Beach Wear
  • One piece swimsuit will be better than two piece
  • Shorts and baby T will will be much better
Jacket  / Sweater
  • If you are going to hill stations then you can pack a sweater or a light jacket
  • Comfortable walking shoes (Please leave your Blahniks behind)
  • Slippers for the beach
  • light socks
  • Vaseline / Lip Balm / Baby Oil
  • Sunscreen Protector
  • Other normal stuff (tooth brush/ make up up kit etc)
  •  Hidden money belt
  • Shawls / Sarongs - cover up when you go to temples
  • Mosquito Repellents
  • Hat with wide brim
  • Sunglasses

Cold places - (Example :Europe during winter)

  • Thick T shirts / Blouses
  • Long sleeve tops
  • Dresses
  • Short skirts
  • Jeans
  • shorts (To use in the room)
  • Fashionable thick panty hose

  • VERY IMPORTANT - 2 pairs of Long Johns - Wear it under your clothes to keep you warm throughout the day.
  • Comfortable undies
  • Thick clothes to sleep in
Jacket  / Sweater
  • Jacket / Long Dress Coat
  • Jumper / Sweater

  • High Boots
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Comfy thick socks
  • Vaseline / Lip Balm / Baby Oil
  • Other normal stuff (tooth brush/ make up up kit etc)
  •  Hidden money belt
  • Shawls / Mufflers
  • Headgear
  • Gloves
  • Pocket raincoat - in case it rains

Tropical climate (Example: Thailand)
  • Cotton T shirts (you also buy this at the place u visit)
  • Cotton Short sleeve blouses
  • Skirts / Dresses
  • Jeans
  • shorts
  • Comfortable undies
  • Cotton Pyjamas/ shorts
 Swimsuit/Beach Wear

  • Swimsuits/ bikinis / tankini's - anything to enjoy your day at the beach / waterfall / swimming pool
Jacket  / Sweater
  • If you are going to highlands,  then you can pack a light sweater / pashmina

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Slippers for the beach
  • Sun Screen protector
  • Basic Toiletries will do

  • Hidden money belt
  • Shawls / umbrella - cover up when cold / rains
  • Mosquito Repellents
  • Hat with wide brim
  • Sunglasses

Well, thats just a small tip from me for newbies.

June : the month of celebration!

It's June already! June has always been a celebration month for me - now with few additional people to be celebrated.

16 June : My birthday

19 June : My mum's birthday

Every 3rd Sunday in June is FatherS Day. Happy Father's Day, Appa, my hubby, my bro Kumar and all other fathers out there.

Every year, we celebrate mothers birthday n fathers day together. This time,both my parents are going away for a weekend trip to celebrate, so we will plan something once they are back.