Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day, Daddy

Hi...It's me Aarsyan. I have been waiting to get my hands on this thing for a very long time... I want to touch all this alphabets and see the wonderful things that appear on the square thing in front of me.

Now, the reason I am here is because I want to tell my daddy how much I love him.
 the morning & goodnight kissies that he gives us without fail everyday
 ♥ when daddy carries me high up in the air and turns me around
 ♥ when daddy reaches the front door, tired from work and I run to get my ball and he plays football with me
 ♥ when daddy gives me a bath ... Oh I so love this
 ♥ when daddy does the simple things like feeding me or changing my diapers
 ♥ when daddy dresses me up ... I  ♥ his sense of fashion
 ♥ when daddy doesn't scold me when I am wrong... he is strict , but he doesn't scold like amma.
 ♥  when daddy takes me 'kai-kai' or for long rides in the car
 ♥ when daddy lets us play with small animals/pets... *winks*
 ♥ when I sleep off on daddy's chest

thinking of sleep...

I have lot more to write, but ITS PAST MY BEDTIME, so *YAWN* I need to get some sleep to spend more time with daddy tomorrow. So, in one word - I LOVE EVERYTHING DADDY DOES FOR ME.

(Typed carefully by me with Amma's help)


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