Thursday, July 7, 2011

ROSE in any otha name will still smell as sweet...

Whats in a name... Eswari Murugan or Vimily Murugan or just Vimly... they are all my names. Many people who cant find me on Facebook, wonder why I created a name "Vimily Murugan". Haha... Let me tell you the real story.....

..... Back in 1981:
My mom gave Vimily as my name, but my grandma (mom's mom - May her soul rest in peace ), didnt like the name. So she asked to put a Goddess name , Eswari. Thats how I got my official name. Although that's the name in my BC, my mom continued to call me Vimily. So, all my relatives also called me Vimily, including my grandma and after all these years, many of my relatives dont know the existence of  the name "Eswari".

Official Use : Eswari Murugan
Since I have both names, I decided to let Eswari continue as official name... started with my BC,  it will remain in all official documents. At the same time,  people who know me through school, university, workplace and all that involves formal and official meetings will know me as Eswari Murugan.

Family & Social Use: Vimily Murugan
As my relatives only know me as Vimily Murugan, I left it like that. Also, all those i meet socially (outside of school/work) or on social network sites will know me as Vimily Murugan. Nowadays, I also use Vimly, for short.

That's all folks... You did think I created "Vimily" for glamour right? You are sooooo wrong...

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