Saturday, July 30, 2011

Annoying Facebookers- Are you one of them?

Nothing annoys me actually, as I can easily turn a blind eye just like I turn a deaf ear to things I dont need to know. Well, you can do the same to me if I annoy you on Facebook. I have gathered a general list of Facebook annoyers. Are you one of them?
There are things that most of us do, which are labeled "Normal". Those that are extreme are known to be "Annoying".

Normal : Its ok to post something that you did today that is unusual. Example - " I mistakenly went into my neighbor's house as it looks the same as mine . *Embarrassed*"
Annoying:  These are the ones who has to continuously give you this updates every day - I just got up. I had a bath. I ate my breakfast. I am driving now. right up to I am going to ZZZZ now. These people need to get out and meet more people. If you want to jot down things you do because you are afraid you will forget, please get a diary.

Playing host
Normal: You just play your game! You invite only once!
Annoying: Its OK that you score at all the games you play, but seriously, you need not invite the world multiple times. After a few times of inviting and I don't accept, please stop inviting me, else I'll become a Mafia, hunt you down in your Farmville and send the Zombies of Zombie Lane to eat your fishes at FishVille.

Archie the Achiever
 Normal: Yes, occasionally, we do achieve something or receive something that we have been dreaming of or buy something expensive. We always want to share good news when we are happy.
 Annoying: Hourly updates of your game scores ? That's nuisance.

The Shadow
Normal: Well , we do have close friends who comments very fast on our status updates and also likes our post.
Annoying: The Shadow is the one who comments on every single photo of yours and likes every single status update.We can always easily guess who has a CRUSH on you or if you have a CRUSH on someone. Gone were the days where people send flowers signed "Admirer". Dont try this as you have already given a whole load of signals out there.

Facebook Video 'Joke'y
Normal: We want to share some music that brings back memories, or some that just gets our day going.
Annoying: The one who only shares songs / videos the whole day. Like as if we need a VJ on Facebook to play songs from morning till we go to bed. Please, stop!

Application Monster
Normal : You use the application for yourself. Example:- "What my birthdate means"
Annoying : You use ALL the applications not only on yourself , but on your friends on facebook and answer questions about your friends. They did not ask for it, so please dont!

The falling-in&-out-of love teenager
Normal : NA
Annoying : "There's no life without A",  "I miss A". " I Love A",  "till death do us part" "Bla - Bla -  Bla" then you start seeing " A is a jerk",  " I hate A" "A, get out of my life". Next thing you know "There no life without B". And the person who is posting this will only be about 16 years old. SIGH!

The Abusive one
Normal: Yes, there are days when you get angry with your boss, colleagues, best fren etc.
Annoying : EVERY SINGLE DAY, this person has to post verbal abusive updates. Instead of thinking that he / she has a problem with the world..., wouldn't the world stop to think (maybe, just maybe) that person is problematic?

Garbage Can
Normal: Cant think of any. Maybe some post pic of their bandaged knee after an accident.
Annoying : Those who have to post the most disgusting things you can think of. "I just puked on my fren" " I have not washed my cup since last week" - plus a photo of cup with murky coffee for evidence. YUKSSS. "We are gonna have it in bathtub today" - Not disgusting for you, but it is for the rest of us. Please keep this private comments to yourself.

Ok, thats all I can think of. If you think I annoy you with useless posts on FB or on my blog, please dont read. I NEVER spammed your wall, so I am still tolerable. Muahaha

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