Friday, July 22, 2011

Extinct items that our kids will never experience

The tech world is moving faster than us humans. I think by the time my baby goes to school, my Iphone would be trash. Many things that we used when we were kids are nowhere to be seen now. I have listed few items below just to rekindle our memories. These are the things our kids wont get to see or experience:

1) Floppy Disk for the old CPUs
Forget about the 3 inch floppy... we still used it in Uni, but remember the 8 inch Floppy? Classic.

2) Walkman
We used to play cassettes in this to listen to songs when we studied

We used to insert VHS tapes into VCR to watch movies.

4) Game & Watch
Remember this thing? I still have mine - Donkey Kong II, just to show my son one day.
 5) Snail Mail
Why do they need this when they have email, sms , Facebook n What not?

6) Film Camera
I am still keeping one, to show my son. Haha.... he's surely gonna laugh.

7) Typewriters
I remember i loved to type on this and simply go back to type again on that word... for the fun of it.

8) TV Antenna
I remember standing on the balcony trying to move it to the right position so that we can watch tv properly.

9) TV without remote control
Now, all of us at home have to run after Aarsyan and grab the remote control from him. If we still used old tv's without remote, Aarsyan would have been the remote control... hehe

 10) Encyclopedia
All of us had at least one. Our kids will be browsing the net for anything and everything !

     That's all I can think of right now. Anymore, I'll add on.


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