Friday, July 8, 2011

Signs you're addicted to your smartphone

Nowadays, everywhere you look, people are on the phone and most of them have smartphones. Are we all addicted to our phones?
"We already know that the Internet and certain forms of computer use are addictive," says David Greenfield, PhD, a West Hartford, Connecticut, based psychologist and author of Virtual Addiction: Help for Netheads, Cyberfreaks, and Those Who Love Them. "And while we're not seeing actual PDA addictions now, the potential is certainly there."

These are the sign's of addiction:
1) In the morning, even before you open up your eyes, you reach for your phone. For some, it is the only alarm clock.
2) When you have your bath, you play music (LOUD) on your phone. God knows wheter you can hear it while you shower.
3) Before you leave home, you check whether you have taken your phone, before you look for keys, wallet etc. You may even go out without your wallet, but NEVER without your phone.
4) You dont wear a watch and always check your phone to see the time
5) At the traffic lights or stuck in jam, you have to flip through your phone, be it Facebook, morning news, SMS, email, whatever.
6) If you are on public transport, you use the time to blog or play games.
7) You are sensitive of the notifications on your phone and attend to it as if it is your baby crying.
8) You send SMS to people in the same house
9)  If you dont get an email for two hours, you think the network is down.
10) The only book you read are E-books and you dont buy newspapers anymore.
11) You are shocked when your phone rings... because you are engrossed with your tapping on the phone
12) You check the last minute emails / updates on Facebook before you sleep.

The above is still OK, the below are SIGNS THAT YOU NEED A LIFE!!!

1) You hug your phone to sleep... like a teddy bear
2) You kiss your phone goodnight before your partner
3) You are waiting for new apps that can help you with bathing your pet, feeding your baby and brushing your teeth.
4) You dont go back to your hometown cause there is no proper signal there and that would cut you off from your net world
5) You dont travel VERY far anymore because there's just a certain amount of time you can control yourself from being "not connected" on the flight. After that period you are just like any other drug addict.
6) You actually attend to your phone every MINUTE during your meal, even though you have company.
7) Your phone alarm rings to remind you to drink water or to go to toilet.
8) You keep checking your own location on Google map
9) You wonder how people lived before "smartphones"
10) You would be traumatised to find out that your phone is lost/stolen/dead.

We need to look at ourselves and dont let our smartphones take over our lives:
1) Check with your family members whether your use of smartphone around them is bothering them. Trust me, this question will get them to open up and let you know how they feel.
2) Ensure your quality time with family and friends is not disrupted by your smartphone. The world is not gonna end if you do not reply that email at once, unless you are the President of the United States.

Remember a time when work was only at work and never when you are at home or vacation. Now, even when you are on holiday, you seem to be working just by replying emails.

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  1. hahaha!! quoting no. 9...i'm wondering that too!


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