Friday, September 28, 2012

Naadi Astrology - Real or Reel?

Naadi Astrology or Naadi Jothidam is a form of  astrology where it is belived that everything that happens in each individuals lifetime have already been predicted  many years ago and is written on palm leaves by the sages.

One place in Tamil Nadu which is famous for palm leaf readings is the Vaitheeswaran Temple. I have never been there nor experienced any palm leaf reading myself, so by right, I should not be writing about this. Anyway, its just my opinion based on others experience. 

Based on others experience, I gather that the naadi readers MAYBE trained/experienced cold readers. What is a cold reader? A cold reader is a person who guesses information about someone by analysing his body language, dressing, manner of speech etc. Just by this simple analysis, a cold reader can guess a person,s background, way of life, race, etnicity, level of education, occupation etc.  

A naadi reader also asks questions which you will need to answer with yes or no. They may start by giving a series of alphabets and ask wether your name starts with any of this alphabet. Then they switch to a differrent question - maybe about your siblings and then they return to asking about the letters in your name. MAYBE its a form of distraction to you and you dont realise that he is trying to get the information right out of your own mouth. 

Next, from others experience, I also gathered that most of the info that were given (which were obtained from you) which has already happened seemed to be correct, whereas your future information is something that you cannot vouch for and you just have to wait for it to happen to be sure. For some, the future predictions are not all true and for some future predictions were just vague that they are not sure whether that was what was predicted. My question is this - None of my friends who saw this naadi astrology was told the name of their future spouse. If they can predict future accurately and also name people you know, why they cant get the name of future spouse? (Unless of course you have someone's name in your mind and they sort of guess that out of you)

Based on someone's experience, (well, this someone was dishonest to the palm readers), he found that palm readers just guesses names from your answers. This guy, lets name him Babu, created some names and prepared a mock life story for them. He created 5 different characters, wrote them down and went to 5 different astrologers, pretending to be each of those characters. The reason behind writing it down is so that he would be able to answer the yes no questions when asked. 
For example, he created a Ragu with wife Shanti with 2 siblings and so on. When he gave his thumbprint to palm reader A, palm reader A managed to guess the name Ragu, wife Shanti and all details correctly.   (But of course, the palm didnt say that this man is actually Babu.)
When he went to palm reader B and pretended to be Sashi married to Laxmi, palm reader B also manages to give correct info. All the 5 palm readers were able to give correct info as per his creations., but none told that he was Babu and reveal his REAL life. This only proves that the thumbprint serves no purpose in finding the palm leaf of an individual. Secondly, the are not reading your name off the palm leaf, but guessing it from your given answers.

There... I said it, this is my OPINION. if you believe that the palm readers are giving your name based on the palm leaves that are derived from your thumb prints, and later reading out your whole life story from it, so be it. You are a believer, everyone else need not be.