Learning Languages

Hi There. If you are an avid traveller and would like to learn some basic words in some Asian languages, I am able to help you with 6 Languages. They are Malay,Tamil,Hindi,Malayalam,Mandarin & Thai.
I am a learner myself, but I am sure I am good enough to help you converse basic stuff in these languages. Here a some places where you may need to use these languages (if you do meet natives who cannot converse in English):

Malay - Malaysia (Indonesians MAY understand it)
Tamil - Tamilnadu, India (& Some other parts of India & some parts of Sri Langka)
Malayalam - Kerala, India
Hindi - Northern India (& most parts of India)
Mandarin - China (not sure of exact provinces,though)
Thai - In Thailand, of course.

Lesson 1 - Pronouns

Lesson 2 - Questions

Lesson 3 - Days

Lesson 4 - Positives & negatives

 Lesson 5 - Action words

Please check again as I will be updating more...

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