Saturday, July 28, 2012

Another June baby in the family

My due date was 30 June 2012, but my daughter decided to come out earlier. Even I was sure she will be out during week (10 June - 14 June ). Chronology of event:

9 June 2012 - Went for weekly check up. Doc said I was 2cm dilated and also told us that she can rupture the membrane and I can deliver today. Me and hubby did not want to do it as we could still wait. We intuitively thought that it will happen this week anyway. Then I found out that its normal to be dilated for 2 cm   after first delivery. I may have even been dilated for some time already.

10 June 2012 - I still felt normal, no contraction pain. Felt a little tired though.

11 June 2012 - I went about with normal activities, drove to town, etc. Later at night I started having very slight pain for every hour, but I just dismissed the thought that it was contraction pain.

12 June 2012 - There were slight pains now and then during the day, but nothing severe.

13 June 2012

12 am - 2am : The slight pain became a little more intense but still very much bearable so we were still confused whether it is contraction. The pain could be felt every 20 mins for about a second or two. After 2am we decided to go to the hospital. Me, hubby, my mom and Aarsyan left from Banting.

3am - Nurse put me on CTG scan. There were contraction pain and I was dilated to 3cms. I was admitted.

6am - I was on the bed, comfortable and dozed off to sleep. Hubby accompanied me.

8am - Doc came in. I was already 5cm dilated. Water bag broken and taken to labour room. Still my contraction was bearable. Hubby with me all the way keeping me very comfortable.

10am - The pain started to be a little intense. 15mins later the pain was for every 2 or 3 minutes and lasted for about 2 or 3 seconds. Before I knew it I was ready to push and before I could push the 3rd time...
Uwahhhhh..... she was out at 10.27am. At 2.55kgs, she was so tiny. It was such a joy when they placed her on me.

So, now we have 3 generations in our family with birthdates 3 days apart.
My daughter : 13 June
me : 16 June
my mom : 19 June
(To add to the list, my hubby's brother's birthdate is 10 june ;))

Our precious girl looked exactly like my first one. We named her Deleeina Kutty. Deleeina means pretty; Kutty is her surname.