Monday, June 13, 2011

Pantai Morib, Banting

I have mentioned that there are lots of changes to Pantai Morib, Banting. This time I would like to give a better picture of the changes. Unfortunately, the picture quality is not good as I took the pics with phone camera only. First thing, location map, (Morib is marked as A). If you are coming from KL, take KESAS and follow the Klang singboard until you see the Banting signboard. After that follow Banting signboard all the way until you reach banting town then follow Pantai Morib signboard.

Last time, Pantai Morib was a dirty beach with no facilities. No shops, no food stalls, no toilets... just an empty dirty beach.

The Entrance:

Its a lovely place to take an evening stroll with family. There are shops that sells colourful kites as its very windy here and ample place to play kites.

The grass is green and well kept. There is walkway in between made of tiles to ease those with strollers.

The place is clean with lots of people just enjoying the sea breeze. Some people choose to sit under the casuarina tree and have a family picnic. A lot of people sit at the Esplanade area to watch the sunset while some just walk along the pathway.

The aroma of grilled seafood, sate and burger lingers around this area. There are a row of newly built, clean shops that offers variety of dishes. I haven,t tried anything yet, so cannot comment on the food.

There is also a playground for kids

There are also nearby chalets and hotels (Hotel Impian Morib) for people who come from far and want to put up a night.

The beach water is not as clean as Sepang Gold Coast. Sepang Gold Coast is a better place to take a dip. Here, it is either very high tides that the waves hit the rocks or very low tide where you need to walk at least 200m to reach ankle deep water and few more hundred metres to take a dip.

Nice place for sunset

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