Friday, May 6, 2011

The Royal Wedding

No, I am not going to write about the Royal Wedding which had full coverage by the mass media all over the world... even E.T might have got the news. This is about my colleagues, some infra guys, mainly Sonny who use to play pranks on one of my colleague, Prema Latha. This time, they got my colleague married to Prince William:

And they distributed this picture to few other colleagues. After seeing this, many people starting asking the same from Sonny. Looks like many people wished they were married to a prince. But, I told them, if they plan to do one for me , I would love to be with my fav Hero - Abhishek Bachan. Next thing I know, they got me married to Abhishek. Wow, my colleagues really have talent, man. Good Job, Sonny.

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