Thursday, April 7, 2011

Zero to One.... Bas yun hi [Translation: Just like that]

16 Nov 2009

12.30am : Me and hubby packed the final stuff into my emergency bag. No hurry actually, my due date is only 5th Dec.

3.15am: Felt some funny pain around my tummy, told my hubby and also told him not to worry as its a slight pain. I was sure of going to work tomorrow. I just wanted to go for another day and promised will work from home thereafter.

4.15am: Again some pain, plus some leaking. Just went to toilet and back to bed.

5.15am :Funny pain again and some more leak. Both of us were confused as the liquid was clear and didn't smell of urine. It smelled more like a baby - u know how babies smell.... that special smell it had. Still continued sleeping as we thought it was nothing.

7.15am: Again same thing, just went to toilet and back to sleep....what to do,  very sleepy...

8.15am: Still the same, so I knew I cant go to work. Me and hubby decided to go to my doctor to find out whats the problem.

11am : After breakfast, we arrived at the hospital for check up. Nurse monitored contraction, but I only had the same slight pain since last night. Then later, Datin Nor came to check me and said I need to be admitted.

3pm : After lunch, still no sign of contraction, so they induced me.

After 5pm : Started having terrible pain. Totally left it to my husband for support. I can only remember closing my eyes and hugging him tightly whenever the pain comes. The pain was terrible.

8pm: I was ready to deliver. My knight in green armor (well, the surgeon suit) who has been with me throughout the 9months braved himself to be here with me. I said "braved himself" because he cant see blood.

At 8:43pm "UWAHHHH!!!!" out came our bundle of joy. They immediately put him on me, he looked weird with blood and all.... a little bit like an alien. After the nurses cleaned him and brought him back, then I saw that he was such a cutie pie.

We named him Dev Aarsyan Kutty, which means King of Delight.

Few days to 1 month
Me, hubby and baby packed ourselves and stayed in Banting.My mom took care of me and Aarsyan.
He sleeps alot. Quite a relief for me. Easy to manage. Even at night, I dont have to get up as breastfeeding made that much easier for me. He doesnt cry unnecessarily - only when hungry and needs nappy change. He gets very angry when hungry. He loves water, he enjoys bathing. He recognizes his fathers voice. He is very adaptive - can take milk from mommy or even bottle. Eyes still fuzzy, but he can notice people around.

2 months
He weighs 4kg and 54cm in length . Smiles alot. Very strong kicks. Says " igloo" alot. He loves his baths and enjoys being in his tub of water.

3 months
5 kg & 59 cm. Shakes hands and legs vigorously. Smiles when people talk to him. Raises his right arm when we say bye. When for Thaipusam in Penang and he slept throughout. The lights and and the noise didnt bother him at all.

4 months
He turned on his own. Gets hungry very fast. Anyway Bfeeding is tiring as you need to sit hours doing it, but I enjoyed it as I knew it was good for him. He goes in circles on his mat. He loves to see colours. End of four months he didnt want to drink milk. So had to feed him when he is asleep.

5 months
Aarsyan went SWIMMING!!!. He wore yellow swimming diapers and he was so adorable. He loved being in the water.
Very manja. A lot of drama - cries whenever he is sleepy. He repeats " Drish, Drish" the whole day. Tries to crawl, but gets tired and falls asleep in that exact position. He started on his solids. Loves to flip pages of his books.

6 months
Usually sleeps with his butt raised up and MIL says "it means next one coming soon" . "Not so soon" I thought to myself. He loves his stroller. He goes out to the porch everyday in Banting and sees all the vehicles passing by the road, until he gets tired and falls asleep. We bald his head on 9th May. He was very quiet during the ceremony. He says "Abbba" like 5-6 times in a row about 10 times a day. He can stand, but still doesnt crawl.

7 months
He loves his meals - porridge with carrot/potato/greens/ground anchovies. Screams alot, very active. Says "Daadi" now. Can sit quietly and play with his toys. Loves his books, turns the pages like as if he is reading the book. He can carry his body up- maybe gonna crawl.He stands better than trying to crawl.

8 months
Talks gibberish. Sits in his bath tub and plays with water everyday. He is stable when we hold his hands to walk.

9 months
He crawled on 22 July 2010. Slowly started climbing the sofa, stairs etc. Cannot sit quietly. When we are watching tv, he wants to climb things, so difficult to watch tv peacefully.

10 months
Very active, crawls all around the house. walks around the hall by holding on to the chairs. Doesnt like to be in his crib. Loves to play throw and catch. Searches for his daddy alot. Cries whenever he goes out of site.
75cm and 8.35Kg.

Loves to play in his pool. When its time to come out of it, he cries. Still walks while holding on to things. Stands without holding, but afraid to take a step. Eats everything we give but refuses to drink milk. Loves it when we play with him.

One Delightful Year
Walks when we hold his hands. When we leave, he just sits down. While holding our hand, he can even run after the ball to kick it. Speaks baby language, dont know what happened to all the words he used to say earlier. Towards end of 12 months only he began to walk and after that climb and run and all the other naughty things.  Then we had to run after him.

That was the loveliest 1 year we had with our son and many many more years to go.

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