Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Breastfeeding : 3 Simple Steps

Baby needs to feed on demand - usually every 1 to 3 hours. Every baby is different, so is their feeding patterns. Some babies may even cry every 20 minutes for feeds. Please  remember that this is JUST A PHASE. Easier times will come, just be patient. Now take a deep breath and follow the simple step below.

1 - Latch On correctly
Breastfeeding should NOT be painful for mommy or frustrating for baby. Here is how it should be done:
- Brush baby's lips on nipple until he open his mouth
- Allow him to take in as much of the areola as possible into his mouth
- Jaw movement and gulping sound ensures proper latch on
- Baby will stop when satisfied. If need to break suction, insert the tip of your little finger into the corner of baby's mouth.

2- Comfortable position
Have a certain area of your house or room for breastfeeding. Have it propped in the position that suits you best. You can have books or music to keep you relaxed. Or you can just use that time to bond with baby.
There are few positions that you can try:

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3- Switch Breasts
Babies may fall asleep after feeding on one breasts, but its best to offer both breasts at one feeding. Feed on first side until he stops suckling. Remove, burp him and continue on next side until he is full. Begin the next feed with the heavier breast.

Burp baby after each feed. If he does not burp after 30 seconds, then he may not need to be burped. Most breastfed babies do not need burping.

Hope this will help you with your breastfeeding journey. Good Luck.

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