Thursday, April 30, 2015

Breastfeeding : Weaning

Weaning - 💃🏻Hooray or 😭HuHu or 💥Hoo Haa or 😱Huru Hara

Hahaha .... mixed emotions actualy. Its been long since my last post on Breastfeeding. It went on smoothly and I had nothing else to add to my post.

I wanted to wean D2 at 1.5 years but whenever i spoke to her about it, she gives me the hand... or a loud NO! or she just changes the topic. I tried again when she was 2 and same reactions, but I just continued talking about it to her every now and then so that she understands that she can wean anytime she wants, I am giving her the time and when we she feels she is big enough she can stop.... yeah many ppl told me she might just continue till 7.... haha....I loved this journey but not till 7 years... noway!

Earlier this month , on Tamil New Year (14 April 2015), at night, before her feed, she told me "Amma, baby big gal ready. Deleeina no need Amma susu...." I was shocked... I praised her and pat her to sleep. In my mind, still skeptical .... its too good to be true.... she will surely ask again tomorrow. BUT... SHE DIDNT. Thats when all the emotions hit me... dont know whether to be happy or sad coz I am not gonna get another chance to go through this journey again.... its the last... FOREVER.

Tamil New Year 2015 - The day she decided to wean

I enjoyed my breastfeeding journey with both my kids and its time to say bye to this journey which has given us, all four of us including their daddy who supported so well,  so much of memories.

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