Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Merry Malacca

Merry Malacca

Its June... which was supposed to be an exciting month, but unforeseen things happened....a sudden loss in the family (inlaw side).
N so the pics of the dulangs that I promised in this month's blog also will not be up since the function is cancelled.
We also cancelled our Siem Reap holiday ....... but there is always a next time... we shall plan again :)

So once everything was settled, we just took a short break to Malacca as its still our birthday month and a short getaway would be good enough for us.

As it was a last minute booking, didnt have time to do any research, just booked whatever hotel that was available, but........................we were in for a great surprise!

So on Sunday Morning, we set out on a slow drive to Malacca, on the way there, we tried to change our Siem Reap flight tickets date so that it didnt get burned but the PIC checked on system and said it was not worth it, better to just pay for new tickets for our next holiday. Alright, redha je la kan.
We had an exciting ride to Malacca with the kids. Check In was a breeze. Pics of hotel below:

Swiss Garden Hotel

We were in for a pleasant surprise... Cozy Room with all necessities... brand new lagi

Deluxe Rooms come with Luxurious Deep Bathtub

Magnificient Views from our Balcony

Night View

Some of the rooms come with sea view

Sea View

 The best part of the hotel was the swimming pool.... oh my God... Heaven for Kids...

this is only 25% of the pool....N that room in the middle of the swimming pool... its a fully equiped Fitness Center.... Mind Blowing!

I lived in Malacca for 4 years and we have been here with kids for holidays, so we didnt go out much. We just lazed around and enjoyed the facilities at the Hotel. Celebrated Deleeina's birthday:

On the last day, we went to the Taming Sari. It was a beautiful weather, so we had great pics to show.

I loved the weather soooooooo much that enabled us to take pics like this

Signing off... till next post.... bye.

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