Monday, April 30, 2012

KK Family Day 2012

This year we had our gathering in the HOT heritage town, Malacca. We managed to get a nice bungalow with 6 rooms and well furnished. The only minus point - the house was dusty. Other than that, nothing much to complain about. All credit goes to Achi Boy for finding this place. For more details can check out

Day 1

Check in at 12 then lepak till 8pm. Makan, lepas tu keluar jalan jalan. Some pictures of Malacca town at night:

Day 2

Its been scorching hot for weeks, but the day we plan to splash in AFamosa Resort, it had to RAIN!. so, we just lazed around hoping for the rain to stop. At about 11am, we were all ready and rain had stopped, but we decided to go to a nearer water park at Ayer Keroh which was only 20 mins from Rose Villa.

Singgah makan dulu...@ Subaidah Ayer Keroh

We spent the whole day splashing in the water. Some pics of the water park:

Then at night, we ordered fast food and MIL celebrated her b'day.

Day 3

We checked out at 12pm and went to Malacca town before leaving back home.


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