Thursday, May 31, 2012

10 things to love & hate about pregnancy

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  Sleep I can sleep at any time of the day with ease. This 9 months is the time when everyone will tell u to take a nap the moment u look tired.
  Dancing tummy I love the funny feeling everytime baby moves. Its such a miraculous feeling that there is a little human moving inside you. Sometimes there are sharp points jutting out that me n hubby try to figure out whether its the heel or elbow. :)
  Food I don't get cravings but I stuff myself with all the dairy products ... Cheese, yogurt, chocolate etc all my favourite... Yummy
  Shopping Exciting to shop for newborn :)oh well its always exciting to shop.
  Extra pamper I know (n am grateful) that I am pampered even when not pregnant. During pregnancy and confinement it's double pamper ... Hehe thanks to my loved ones.

  5 hates :

  Maternity wear They look horrible on me. I seem to be swimming in them. Can't wait to get back to clothes of my size and missing my stilettos.
  Forgetfulness I seem to be forgetting everything alot !
  Tiredness It doesn't help when you have a toddler running around.
  No Vacation I know some ppl still travel during pregnancy, but I don't enjoy it, so no vacations for a year. :(
  Delivery The thoughts of it will start to haunt when you are ready to pop.

 And after all the hard work, its time to get totally pampered by hubby n parents during confinement. I only eat,drink, sleep, with baby feedings in between. Other than feeding, baby is totally taken care by both my mum n hubby. :-) Such a spoilt mom I am...


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