Saturday, June 30, 2012

Goodbye to my Twenties - UPDATED (Again)

It took me awhile to post this...coz its kraaaazy to think that I am 30 now....Well, the time has come to say goodbye to my twenties. I became 30 on 16 June 2011. Lets see what I have accomplished in the last decade (2001 - 2011).

Graduated from Uni- 2003
 met my hubby - 2003
Fell truely, madly, deeply in LOVE with each other - Nov 2003 

Started my first job - 2003
Real Estate - 2005
Second job - 2006
Third job -  2007

Found the PERFECT, MOST FLEXI workplace - 2008
Marriage confirmed - 2008
(that's 5 years from 2003 - as family may not agree for marriage, we actually let fate decide in 2004-2006 and let some open "options" - thank god, fate was on our side and we had to disappoint those"options" - to those affected "options", it was not our fault, blame it all on fate ;P)
Own home -  2008

Enjoying Marriage life-Married to Nethianathan Krishna Kutty on 10 Nov 2008
Enjoyed first pregnancy - (Feb 2009 - Nov 2009)
Enjoying Motherhood - Dev Aarsyan Kutty born on 16 Nov 2009
Continuing to enjoy motherhood - Deleeina Kutty born on 13 June 2012

First Car : BHB 8332(Wira A/B S.E Chilli Red) - Feb 2004-Feb 2009
Second Car: WSG 9979 (BuMbleWeeee - Thanks to hubby) - Feb 2009

Secret Excapades@Cuti cuti Malaysia (Cameron's, Genting, Tioman, Bukit Tambun,)
Our Travels:
Phuket, Thailand - 2008
Bali, Indonesia - 2009
Hatyai, Thailand - 2010 
London, England - 2010
Paris, France - 2010
Rome, Italy - 2010
Kerala, India 2011
This list will continue to grow with me....I want to travel even at 70(If I am still alive... hehe).

These are just little things that have happened in the last decade, but the next accomplishment will surely be the best:

To be continued.....

Continuation (dated 31 Dec 2011) : I have left the Solution Delivery Resourcing Manager role at BAT GSD to be a full time housemummy in 2012. I AM SO HAPPY  - Thanks again to my dearest darling hubby.

Updated Again - I never thought I would be updating this again, but I have yet another accomplishment, my second child was born just days before I ended my 30th year on 16 June 2012. This will be my last update here. I am done with deliveries, my focus will now be my family. I LOVE it just the way it is!!!

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  1. hahahaha many more decades to come babe! I love the way u enjoy life..u go babe!


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