Saturday, June 30, 2012

Kinta Riverfront & Camerons... 10 days before delivery

I dont write about hotels or hotel reviews, but Hotel Kinta Riverfront saved me from travelling KL-Cameron-KL in a day. Since I was 9 months pregnant, the travel will surely tire me but we badly wanted to go up Camerons before I deliver. We had no choice but to go on that week itself, (which is a school holiday), because the week after that, I may be in the labor room. As 2nd June was school holidays (plus Agong's birthday), all hotels in CH was FULLY booked. Not a single room available.

So, the next best thing was to find hotels nearby (Tapah / Simpang Pulai/ Gopeng/ Ipoh). There were all fully booked too! After few days of trying my luck, I found Kinta Riverfront and  just booked blindly. That was just one day before travel. Thankfully we got a place to stay and kept my fingers crossed that it should be "stay able". I was too afraid to check online - what if it was dodgy and that will deter me from going for the trip, so I just hoped that it will all be fine and went on with our plans.

Travelling during school holidays is the worst thing you can do, but we had no choice. The drive up north on the highway was terrible. Cars were not moving, so we used the trunk road which was clear. As we reached Ipoh and approached the hotel, it looked ok.

The Riverfront looked like "Longkang" Front (pic below), but thats OK. After all we just needed a place to sleep tonight  after going up to CH and back down to Ipoh.

For such a last minute booking and limited (more like NO) options , the room was fantastic. First of all, the hotel is brand new only 6 months old, so everything in the room was new and clean. Nice long bath and rain shower and touch screen for all switches.

See through bath ?

Saturday Evening

We checked in and got ready to go up CH via Simpang Pulai. This is the first time I went on this road up to CH and I preferred it compared to the Tapah Road. This road is wider and much safer. As it was school holidays and after 6pm, the jam to the night market at Brinchang was terrible. Just 3km before the night market, cars were not moving and it took about 2.5 hours to reach the market from there. Well, we had no choice, so we just enjoyed the cool breeze while stuck in the jam.
After the night market, we left CH at 10.30 pm, and the journey coming down was no hassle as it was clear. We were in Ipoh within an hours time via Simpang Pulai.


After the tiring journey last night, we needed to have good breakfast, and the hotel had a good variety of food. I could sit there eating for 2 hours. Next, we hit the swimming pool and Aarsyan enjoyed his time there. The swimming pool has see through glass... not something I expected in a hotel in Ipoh.

We left to KL with a happy heart. Nice needed vacation for a very pregnant mother. Thanks to the 2 handsome men in my life.

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