Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Laidback Leisure & Lotsa Love @ Langkawi

We have been to Langkawi before and have visited the main attractions there - Cable Car, Island Hopping, Wildlife Park, Eagle square, Under Water World etc. I have blogged about it here :

This time we wanted to just chill out and spend time with the kids with no itinerary to follow. So we got ourselves a room on the beach and chilled out.

Beachfront on Cenang Beach

I dont like writing reviews for hotels unless its an unknown, non-luxurious hotel, which can be useful for people who are looking for info. This review will be useful for those who are looking for a beachfront hotel @ Cenang itself . Most of the beachfront accommodation on Cenang are motels, which will only suit backpackers. This is a hotel with basic amenities, minus the frills. I mean, if you are an outdoor person, who is not gonna spend much time at hotel, then read on. Those who prefer to be pampered at the hotel, can check the 2 luxury hotels on Cenang beach.

OK back to the room.
If you would be satisfied with a room that opens up to the Beach, with spacious Bed and a long Bath to soak yourself in, then this is a perfect accommodation.

Note: All beachfronts @ Cenang are always fully booked. Book at least 2 months earlier. For this particular hotel, if you dont get the Sea View, dont bother with other rooms. Its not worth it, better check other hotels ( You can try Malibest Tree Top Chalet by Baron, but no babies/toddlers allowed.

Cenang during the day

Sun, Sea , Sand, Sunset , swaying coconut trees, sound of waves & swish- swosh of sand with squeals of kids splashing in the water

Cenang @  night (Advantages of having beachfront room)

Birthday Supper with candle light & moon light

Family Fun


  • Langkawi Fair

Billion - Things here are much cheaper than @ Kuah. You could come here first to buy the stuff (tidbits, chocs, liquor, toiletries etc) that you need for yr vacation.
Other than Billion, nothing else here. FOS is closed now. There is Perfume Desire but prices same as in Kuah.

  • Langkawi Parade

Teoh Soon Huat - Can get all items here, but not much difference in price with shops in Kuah. Its like your local departmental store. Perfumes are more expensive here.
Other Outlets - Vincci, PDI, Giordano (its website mentioned Guess, but I could not find it). It also has a cineplex.

  • Langkawi Plaza

Dont bother. Nothing here. Its seems people come here for the Reject Perfume shop, but its a very tiny shop, so for those who seek that place, dont bother. Better perfume shops in Kuah.

  • Pekan Kuah

If you consider yourself like a 'makcik' & interested in crockery items, then its worth for u spend a whole day here. Its filled with plates, woks, pots and pans. People also buy travel bags here.
You can also get a variety of chocs here, the imported ones that you cant find in KL, u can find here. Chocs that u can get in KL, are only lesser by 3 - 5 ringgits AT MOST. Mostly are only 1 -2 ringgits lesser. My advise is no need to check prices in all shops. Just get into one, grab what you looking for and leave. Seriously, the difference of price within those shops are only 1-2 ringgits.
For Perfumes, there are 2 shops opposite each other: World of Perfumes & Cote De Parfum. Perfumes are cheaper at World of Perfumes.
Overall, the only thing cheap in Langkawi is Beer, Wine , Liquor, Ciggies and the likes.

  • Cenang Street

You can get colourful beachwear & knick knacks here. We enjoyed shopping here more than any other place in Langkawi. There is also Cenang Mall. It has 2 storeys : Eateries on 1st Floor (Starbucks, Old Town, few fast food) and clothes & bags shops on ground floor.

We had a VERY RELAXED vacation although we moved around quite a bit. Enjoyed the time with the family.

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  1. Don't mislead people, chocolates in LGK is 20% cheaper than KL.


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