Thursday, February 10, 2011


At the airport, you can see many booths offering car rental services. The best way to get around in this island is by car. We would have gone for a bike, but if we buy things (duty free items… wink , wink), it would be difficult to carry around, so we took a car instead. We took a white cozy little Myvi. Loved it.
PANTAI CENANG As usual we stayed at a busy area with lots of shops, n lots of people. Nice place to walk around and loads of shops selling pretty things.You can find booths offering Island tour packages.There are a lot waters activities that can you enjoy here such as water-skiing, jet-skiing and wind-surfing.

EAGLE SQUARE We came here at night, just walked around and took some pics. If you like taking pictures with huge structures, then can come here. There is a huge Eagle , symbolic for the origin of the name Langkawi.
ISLAND HOPPING We took the tour. Its a half day tour which started about 9 in the morning. First we stopped atPulau Beras Basah. It was a beautiful untouched island. There are no shops, whatsoever here. You get to dip in the water and enjoy the breeze. As we were here early, we saw the monkeys walking in a group towards the beach. We made sure we did not leave anything for them to take, but while we were busy taking pictures, we forgot that we went a little further from our bag. A naughty monkey came to my bag; and by the time I ran to it, he managed to open my bag and ran away with a pack of cashew nuts. That was the only food item I had in the bag, so he took that and left. After that, I never left my bag out of my sight.
Then the boat that dropped us at that Island came back to take us to the next stop for Eagle feeding. The boat man will throw chicken pieces and you can see the eagles coming down to attack. If you have hightech camera and skillful, you can really take beautiful shots here.  Our pics were not that good as the eagles dont come very near and they are very fast.
Note: The image on the left was taken from the net.

The last stop is the Pregnant Maiden’s Lake. The boat man will stop somewhere mid sea and show you why that place is called pregnant maiden and then he will take you to the Pregnant Maiden’s lake. It is believed that people who want to conceive should take a dip in this lake water. There are many wild monkeys here too, and they are very friendly. I managed to hold and take pics with few. After seeing me, many tried the same.

DUTY FREE SHOPPING You can drive down to KuahTown for shopping. There are many duty free shops. This is one thing you should not miss in Langkawi. You can get good prices for many imported items like perfumes, liquor, beer, chocolates and others.

Langkawi Cable Car This is one experience you should not miss. I think it is said to be the steepest cable car ride in the world. Beautiful scenery and a good experience. You will be taken to an even greater spot at a much higher altitude: Langkawi suspension Bridge. You can enjoy the view and the breeze. There is a cafe here where you can grab a bite while enjoying the view. At the bottom, at the cable car ticket counter, there are shops selling souvenirs, but dont bother getting anything from here as they are pricy.
We bought fruits and nuts to feed the animals. Their diet is written on each cage, so that you know what to feed. It was so exiting as you get to pet most of the animals too, like the ostrich, horse, goat, rabbit and so on.
BIRD PARADISE & WILDLIFE PARK (KUAH) I enjoyed this, despite being bitten by a huge parrot (left). The cut was quite deep, it took a month to heal. Anyway, it bit me, and blood was pouring, had to run out through the entrance, got medication and continued. The park is quite big and there are many animals.

Langkawi Underwater World (Pantai Cenang) I think it is the same with any other Underwater World. You get to see many sea creatures here and can take pictures. There are sharks, stingrays, clown fish, sea horse and even penguins.

There are many things that can be done in Langkawi. We really enjoyed this trip and would love to come again. There are still many other activities that we have not tried like paragliding, jet skii and other water activities.

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