Thursday, February 10, 2011


 First thing you need to do in Phuket - Rent a bike and get a map. Malaysians do not need International Licence to ride/ drive here. Phuket is a small island. You can cover the whole island traveling by bike. Patong Beach
We stayed at Patong Beach. A lively area, with a lot of tourists and many shops. But the prices here are expensive because of the tourists. It is better to shop elsewhere.

Island Hopping There are many tours you can choose from and go island hopping. The boat ride is one adventure that you should not miss. Quite a rough sea ride, but a very enjoyable one. We went to Phi Phi Island, where you can stop for a dip and take beautiful pictures.

Also stopped at Krabi Island and James Bond Island. There was also an island where we get to feed monkeys, but cant remember the name. We stopped at one island for snorkeling. But they were not as interesting as the one I went in Tioman (have not snorkeled elsewhere).

Phuket viewpoints There are many beautiful viewpoints where you can watch the sunset or just to enjoy the sea breeze and waves hitting the rocks at the bottom. Simply amazing!

Promthep Cape There is lighthouse and a shrine in this area. We went there for the view. There are few shops here thats sells souveniers: keychains, t-shirts, n such for low prices. There are few viewpoints in this are where you can see the best sunset in Phuket.

Phuket Temples The temples are really beautiful. If you love photography, dont miss this chance… the colours are just beautiful. As we had the bike with us, we stopped at few temples. We visited Wat Chalong which is a tourist attraction and also the Big Buddha. If you dont see Wat Chalong, you have not seen Phuket. The Big Buddha can be viewed from all around the South Island because it is on a mountain top. You can go there by bike and from the top you can see the whole of Phuket. Other temples that we visited were
Wat Su Wan Khiri wong & Pun Tuo Kong Chinese Shrine.

Important Note: Men can go in to temples with shorts, but most temples wont allow ladies with shorts or sleeveless tops. So if you are dressed in beach wear, please drape yourself in a pashmina or beach sarong when visiting the temples.  

We only managed to walk around Bala Road for night life. There are many other shows that you can watch like Simon Show, Aqua Show. There is also Fantasea which is a recomended show by others. Its like an Extravagant Circus Show. It seems the money paid for it is worth it if you go for this show. We did not have the time to go for it. Maybe next time.

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