Thursday, February 10, 2011


Its been very looooooooooong since I wrote. Well, thats because I got busy with house furnishing, wedding shopping, wedding arrangement, getting married, enjoying marriage live, then got pregnant, delivered a lovely baby boy and now continuing to enjoy marriage life & motherhood. Oh and in between all this I (we, actually) managed to travel to some beautiful places. I just thought about sharing the interesting places that we have visited. I cant really remember everything off hand, but I will start off with Bali.
Bali - In one word : Romantic. Its a beautiful place for honeymoon and that’s where we went. Seafood and Sunset in Bali is a must ♥♥♥

Kuta Beach
We stayed at Kuta Beach. Its a nice place for tourists. Lots of people. Lots of shops. Even at night, most of the shops are open and safe to take a stroll in that area. Lots of Beach wear, beach wear accessories, wood carvings, etc. Just opposite our hotel, there was a SlingShot, where you get thrown few meters in the air and back and forth until it stops. Would have loved to go on it, but no way my hubby’s gonna get in with me… hehe. Tak syok pi sorang.

Tanah Lot (Rock Temple)

This is a MUST SEE… You must go here during sunset and enjoy the view. It is actually a temple built on a rock. During high tide, the rock is surrounded by water and it will look as if the temple is floating.

(Uluwatu (Cliff Temple)
This temple is built on a high cliff and the view from the top is magnificent. The breeze was superb. But watch out for monkeys as they are mischievous. They will steal your bag, glasses, etc and will only return if you give them peanuts sold by their masters. Unfortunately some of the things dont return in good condition.

I personally did not like this place, because the journey was too tiring and worthless. When we reached, we we taken to a restaurant were you can view Kintamani volcano(very far away)… GRRR!!! Such a long journey to show me the volcano in some other place. The worst part of this trip was the food in that restaurant was really BAD!

Not recommended. You get to stop by at this place if you want to see how silver jewelery is made. Nothing interesting here.

Sukawati Market
There are a whole load of shops here. Good place to bargain for souvenirs: T-Shirts, accessories, bali sarongs, paintings. Hubby could not stop himself from picking out painting after painting. But they were all beautiful ….and cheap.

Stands for Wishnu Garuda Kenchana. Actually this place is a product of an incomplete project. The plan was to have a Big Garuda attached together with Vishnu’s Head, but as they could not complete the project, the have them displayed separately. If interested in taking pictures here, then go ahead, but otherwise nothing impressive here. The also have a theater that plays the history of GWK, how the monument was supposed to be and how it is today.

My hubby likes to take pictures of sculptures, structures and such. You can find many big structures in the roundabouts in Bali. We did make few pit stops just to take some shots.

BALI MASSAGE is a MUST. They come to do they room and give the best body massages. We tire ourselves the whole day and at night these massages are fantastic.
I guess that’s all that I can remember.

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