Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Happy Parenting... Just a thought

Many have asked if I have ever experienced stress in my life. Especially after I left my job to be at home with my babies. Actually many relatives pose this questions and not my friends as most of my close friends are SAHM and the ones that are not are willing to give up their seat at work to be at home. Those who ask are usually the ones who think its stressful to be around kids. I think it's natural for some to feel that way. Not everyone enjoys a daily routine of dirty dishes, loads of laundry, krazy kids, haywire house, not forgetting cleaning and cooking and by the time hubby gets back, you have to magically transform it to a happy home. 
On a side note, I NEVER liked kids, but I fell in love with both my kids the day they were born.

I did not think twice to be SAHM. I enjoy the chaos everyday. I enjoy the time I get to spend alone with my kids. I can't find a single reason to be stressed. If they spill a drink, they learn to clean up. If they wanna play in the sand at the beach, I join and throw sand on them. If they paint their fingers, i join them and paint their faces. 
If they break something, I take my time to explain to them why they should not do such things. Of course, it takes a lot of time and patience and they dont learn it straight away. But what do I have to lose by doing that? My time? I have loads of time for my kids. 
I want happy kids, not kids who learn that hitting is the best way to be understood. Do we hit an adult when they accidentally break something of ours? No, we don't. Then why do we hit someone smaller than us who cannot defend themselves? Are we becoming bullies? 

I am no guru in Happy Parenting. I am most definitely not trying to teach anyone anything but I just thought of starting a page about this....maybe in not-so-near future.
 I am a very calm, patient, super positive person who has a very strong mind (I believe I can achieve anything with my mind). I don't know how to get angry or scold people and people who know me will definitely agree. Oh yes my hubby will agree too, he has never seen me angry and he has never heard me nag.( Or maybe I never had to nag him because he is such a darling who always lets me have my way.) I think I am like this because my parents brought us( me and bro) the happy parenting way. Not like there was a way to follow, but looking back, I realised I had a happy childhood , I enjoyed it, we got things our way and learned only when things go wrong.

Is that Happy Parenting? I don't know, but I most definitely enjoyed every single bit of my growing up years. It is not like I never fell down, but whichever path I took was my decision and my parents always supported me. If it was a wrong path, I was lead to learn to overcome the problem and was never made to feel that I made a wrong decision. 
I turned out to be a very happy child and a happy being. So if this is Happy Parenting, then I would want to do the same.

Ok then, time to sign off...Till I get the time to start a page on Happy Parenting... If ever such a time comes.

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