Monday, August 26, 2013

ATV Track @ Giant Banting

I thought I won't have time to blog this month, but luckily I got some breather at the last weeks of the month. 

Anyway, nothing much to write about, just a small attraction for Banting kids. Since we do not have GoKart track or any similar rides in town, this can be interesting. 

So, we have a new Giant in town and it has a race track at the car park. It's not a grand race track, just enough for kids to learn road rules and it has a cute roundabout.

It has kiddie ATVs that has several speeds that can be increased as they gain control of their vehicles. These vehicles are not the same ones you see in the mall. These are quite FAST. 

It is open 10am to 10pm everyday. Any ride is RM 10 for 15 mins. They provide shoes for safety.

For adults who are bored of waiting for 15 minutes can hop on a mini ATV. Adults upto 60kgs can ride these and they are much faster than the kiddie ones.

Things to improve:
- some rules for kids to follow. E.g ride on the correct side of the road, wear safety helmet, etc
- those finish their rides should ONLY exit at entrance. Some walk back through the track and risk being hit by a speeding vehicle.

Now, lets lurk inside Giant Banting:

Of all the tenants, the last one will be favoured by kids, again:

More about Kids Playland:

It's a cute, clean indoor playground with FOC ride machines. You know those machines that moves / sways when you insert a coin? Well, here you just press a button and kids can sit as many times as they like. 

That's all folks. 

Yang dok kat kota, tak perlu la menyindir, memang tak gempaq mana pun, tapi cukup syarat utk orang Banting. :p

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